[Tokyo Walker] Vol. 32~33 – Monjya Boat

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It was the first time Takki had ever been on a “yakatabune” or Japanese houseboat. The boat departed from Harumi and when it entered Odaiba, Takki said that it’s obviously not the first time he has seen the Rainbow Bridge and Fuji TV tower, but somehow, it still felt refreshing because the view was so different from a boat.

Apparently on this particular cruise, you can also order monjyayaki (a savory pancake that’s similar to okonomiyaki). Takki ordered the mentaiko mochi monjya. He really loves to eat monjyayaki ne~ He says the flavor and texture changes as it cooks down. (Monjya batter is “runnier” than okonomiyaki batter, so as you’re cooking it, the moisture evaporates and the batter gets more dense and the flavor intensifies).

Takki also loves munching on the “okoge” or the crisp and slightly burnt pieces that are left over after you finish the actual monjyayaki.

{ Side Note }

Takki’s boat departed from Harumi (perhaps for time purposes?), but according to the company’s official website, the boats actually depart from Shinkiba.

{ Website } Monjya Yakatabune

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