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Drama Info:

  • Title: 僕だけのマドンナ
  • Tagline: And I love her
  • Title in Romaji: Boku dake no Madonna
  • Translated titles in English: My Only Madonna / And I love her
  • Translated titles in Chinese: 我的專屬女神 / 我的蹺佳人 / 屬於我的女神
  • TV Station: Fuji TV
  • Air Date: 07 July to 15 September 2003 @ 9pm
  • No. of Episodes: 11
  • Theme Song: 涙の海で抱かれたい~SEA OF LOVE~ by Southern All Stars
  • Official website:


  • Takizawa Hideaki as Suzuki Kyoichi (Kyon)
  • Hasegawa Kyoko as Kataoka Surumi
  • Shimatani Hitomi as Imamura Keiko
  • Koizumi Koutaro as Nakano Takashi
  • Ogata Naoto as Honda Yoshitaka
  • Konishi Manami as Shimada Rie
  • Morimoto Leo as Kuramoto Shoutaro
  • Kosakai Kazuki as Ichigaya Sho
  • Shimada Kyusaku as Oosugi Kazuma
  • Maya Miki as Matsuno Shizue
  • Shiga Kotaro as Prof. Tatebayashi Shingo
  • Matsuo Reiko as Shimizu Moeko

Chapters (Ratings):

  • 第01話 2003/07/07 出逢い (18.3%)
  • 第02話 2003/07/14 彼女の涙 (14.4%)
  • 第03話 2003/07/21 尾行 (13.3%)
  • 第04話 2003/07/28 見られたキス (12.1%)
  • 第05話 2003/08/04 秘密 (12.6%)
  • 第06話 2003/08/11 軽井沢の出来事 (12.4%)
  • 第07話 2003/08/18 恋に気づく瞬間 (13.5%)
  • 第08話 2003/08/25 最後の告白 (11.4%)
  • 第09話 2003/09/01 別れの予感 (11.0%)
  • 第10話 2003/09/08 号泣のラブレター (12.4%)
  • 最終話 2003/09/15 スタジアムの奇跡 (13.4%)

Average Rating: 13.16%


Suzuki Kyoichi is a University student studying architecture. He is the only son of the family and he feels that he doesn’t have any privacy at home. He doesn’t want to end up like his father, leading a normal but boring life. He finally decided to move out to stay by himself.

However he realised that his new apartment, Brooklyn Heights, was not much different from his home. He was constantly being disturbed by weird neighbours. Kyoichi was starting to dislike his new found “privacy”. At the same time, he was also dumped by his girlfriend.

He started working part time at night as a security guard. One night after returning from work, he was shocked to find a cute-looking girl lying on his bed, asleep. He left the apartment to make sure that he was in the right building. “Brooklyn Heights” – No mistakes. He went back to his room, but the girl wasn’t there anymore. He wondered if he was hallucinating, but he found that the packet of Hiyashi Chuka (chinese style cold ramen) that he bought earlier on was missing. He laid down on the bed, and he could smell the scent that she left behind…

My thoughts:

** Highly Recommended coz it’s my favourite *whacks* If you like Takki, you should watch this drama. If you like Hasegawa Kyoko, you should also watch this drama. If you haven’t watched it yet, watch it!! *lol* Just coz Takki is so bloody cute in it!!! ^^ That’s why “Kyon” is such a favourite amongst Takki fans? Ehh… Kyon IS my favourite character ne.

Takki’s expressions and comic timing is perfect~ Hasegawa Kyoko, although 5 years older than Takki, is really really cute. She is my favourite female lead out of all of Takki’s dramas. Surumi wears simple but fashionable clothes, and surprisingly, even if Takki and Hasekyoko might not be very close in reality, their chemistry in the drama is amazing!!! Okay, I think I’m “S”, but I like how Kyon is being toyed around by Surumi *lol*

The plot might not be the strongest, but it moves at an alright pace – not fast, but not draggy either. It’s a lighthearted drama which is erm… half-comedy, half-romance? I enjoyed watching the supporting characters as well. Not to mention, the themesong and music for this drama is really really nice :-)

Original Soundtrack by Sin:

Boku dake no Madonna OST

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** Highly Recommended! ^^ OMG the music of this drama is so beautiful!!! My favourite tracks are “Run in the Rain”, all the “… and I Love Her.”s and all the “Ever Green”s. Some of them are heartwrenching when you listen to it… “Brooklyn Heights” and “Professor” are cute! Not forgetting the piano version of the themesong. This soundtrack is so worth buying. The moment I saw it on the shelves @ HMV Shibuya, I grabbed it ^^!

  1. … and I Love Her. / summer sunset version
  2. 涙の海で抱かれたい~SEA OF LOVE~ / piano version
  3. Brooklyn Heights
  4. Candy
  5. Ever Green / piano version
  6. … and I Love Her.
  7. Tenderly
  8. Angel
  9. Ever Green / tears rolling down version
  10. Professor
  11. Bitter Sweet
  12. Don’t give it up ~ Featuring Rie
  13. … and I Love Her. / hearty love version
  14. Well, I’ll be tied ~ Featuring Kumiko
  15. Run in the rain
  16. Aida / Triumphal March
  17. Brooklyn Heights / piano version
  18. Ever Green / goodnight “Kyon” version


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Boku dake no Madonna Screencap

Boku dake no Madonna Screencap

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[Boku dake no Madonna DVD] 20030526 Takki and Hasekyoko Photoshoot

Takizawa Hideaki and Hasegawa Kyoko Photoshoot

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  1. tickettoride says: Reply

    I love this drama! Takki looks soo cute in it and the music is really nice ..i feel like watching it again. Nice screencaps! thanks 4 the hardwork!

  2. My favourite drama of all time. Luv d simple storyline and comical twist of kyon n surumi. Wish they can pair up again in some other drama o show.

  3. i like this drama, i was watching and suddenly i noticed that i was watching episode 6..

    it was so interesting to the point that I didn’t feel the time..
    kyoon saikoo

  4. such a beautiful story >………….. big fan for both of them !!!! luvvvvv Takizawa Hideaki and Hasegawa Kyoko !!!!

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