[Radio] 滝沢電波城 2009.09.12 (Guest: 水川あさみ)

Here’s last night’s Takizawa Denpajou: MP3, 26.43MB (Credit: 黄叶风骨) Download from MU or MF Apparently, this one is the 100th episode!! The guest was Mizakawa Asami, aka Nagisa :) And it was recorded at the “Orthros no Inu” filming location! XD There were staff in the background talking about “Ryuzaki” and “Aoi” etc. So while Takki was […]

[Radio] 滝沢電波城 2009.08.01

Here’s last night’s Takizawa Denpajou! MP3, 26.3MB (Credit: 黄叶风骨) Download from MU or MF He talked about the solocons that ended in Osaka, and played “Hikari Hitotsu” again. Oh, there’s a new corner that started this week, called “…Orthros na hito”, about people who have special abilities, talents that’s different from others etc… And of […]