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Tokyo-FM ON AIR MUSIC CHART 2009.09.27

Thanks to nyanco for providing her recording of yesterday’s radio program: Download from MU / MF (58.76MB) Takki was wearing a black coat, white t-shirt, black belt, black jeans & black shoes. There was a pair of sunglasses hanging on his pocket of the coat, a huge black watch, his usual necklace… and he was […]

[Radio] 滝沢電波城 2009.09.12 (Guest: 水川あさみ)

Here’s last night’s Takizawa Denpajou: MP3, 26.43MB (Credit: 黄叶风骨) Download from MU or MF Apparently, this one is the 100th episode!! The guest was Mizakawa Asami, aka Nagisa :) And it was recorded at the “Orthros no Inu” filming location! XD There were staff in the background talking about “Ryuzaki” and “Aoi” etc. So while Takki was […]

[Radio] 滝沢電波城 2009.08.22 (Guest: 錦戸亮)

Here’s last night’s Takizawa Denpajou: MP3, 24.25MB (Credit: 黄叶风骨) Download from MU or MF The guest was Aoi-sensei aka Nishikido Ryo. They talked about the first time they met, about being told they look alike, and of course about the drama too, etc… He even called Ryo on the phone after he left the studio. […]

[Radio] 滝沢電波城 2009.08.01

Here’s last night’s Takizawa Denpajou! MP3, 26.3MB (Credit: 黄叶风骨) Download from MU or MF He talked about the solocons that ended in Osaka, and played “Hikari Hitotsu” again. Oh, there’s a new corner that started this week, called “…Orthros na hito”, about people who have special abilities, talents that’s different from others etc… And of […]

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