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Osama no Brunch 2010.12.04

Woke up at 8am this morning to watch this, but Takki only appeared at about 11.30am lol. When I saw that he picked “suge~” as the NG word, I knew it’ll be terrible LOL!! Out of the three words, he usually says “suge” the most, followed by “maji” lol~ the playback thing at the end was so funny.

Download LQ from MF (85.2mb, avi)

He was like a little boy especially when he saw the skin mask thing haha~ Kawaii~~ And I love to see him eat! :)

[Subs] Osama no Brunch 2009.09.19

Sorry, I don’t have Photoshop on this comp, so I couldn’t do my usual preview image. It’s a short clip, but I hope you guys enjoy it :)

Osama no Brunch, 19th September 2009
“Orthros no Inu” Takizawa Hideaki VTR
Subtitles: English
Duration: 2mins 12s
File info: 704×480, avi

About this clip: Takki talks about Nishikido Ryo :)

King’s Brunch 2009.09.19 Takizawa Hideaki VTR

DL (14.40MB) *updated 1 Feb, 2015

Thanks to Ran for allowing me to use & edit her raw file~XD

Osama no Brunch 2009.09.19

In this morning’s Osama no Brunch, Takki appeared in a VTR message to Ryo-chan, who was guest on the show. Contains *SPOILERS* from Episodes 8 & 9 (final ep preview only). Please watch with caution!

I’ll add HQ links if I manage to find…
For now, you can download the FLV file from MF (23.2mb)

[Subs] Osama no Brunch 2009.08.29

This is a quick project I decided to do. I know it’s been a while since I did subbing on my own. I guess I need to do this once in a while. So after finishing the typeset for Wan Wan last night, I started working on this. Sorry it’s kinda a rushed job…

Osama no Brunch, 29th August 2009
Takizawa Hideaki and Nishikido Ryo
“Orthros no Inu” PR
Subtitles: English
Duration: 7mins 37s
File info: 708×480, avi

About this clip: The dream Johnnys senpai & kouhai two-shot. Takki & Ryo’s first interview together :) Please be warned that there are Episode 7 scenes preview in the clip as well.

Osama no Brunch 29th August 2009 English Subs

DL (50.06MB) *updated 1 Feb, 2015

Special thanks to Nyanco for helping to spot and look through my translations! XDDD I hope you guys enjoy the clip :)

王様のブランチ 2009.08.29

First Takki x Ryo interview!! So cute~

Osama no Brunch 2009.08.29

Download (186.59MB, AVI, 708×480)
MF – 001 | 002

» Osama no Brunch 8/29 English Subs

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