[Akutou] Kitaurawa Shopping Street

{ Scenes from the drama }

Shuichi walked through this street on his way home to visit his parents. This place is actually called the Kitaurawa West Exit Shopping Street and it is located near Kitaurawa Station.

{ Side note }

On October 25, 2012, someone tweeted that Takki was doing a drama shoot right in front of her store. Apparently, he was so kakkoii, she dropped everything at her job to watch him (lol!). Then on the same day, another eyewitness tweeted that she was really moved when Takki shook her hand.

Here is also a translation of a report written by a Takki fan, who was lucky enough to land a role as an extra for this particular scene :

We got on the bus and headed to Kitaurawa in Saitama prefecture. When I found out Takizawa-kun was going to be there, I felt excited. This was most likely my once-in-a-lifetime chance to be able to ride in a “loke bus” (a charter bus for film crews and actors). Takizawa-kun, of course, left for the location first in another form of transportation. After what was perhaps a 45-minute ride? We arrived at Kitaurawa at around noon.

It was my first time at Kitaurawa. They led us to the shopping street. Then we were joined by 4~5 male extras. When more and more staff and filming equipment arrived, the people on the street began to murmur amongst themselves. I wanted to yell “Hehehe~ Takki will be making an appearance soon!” but decided not to.

With all the extras acting as pedestrians, the filming crew tested out the different angles. One male extra had a huge role because his character got to speak to Shuichi. While we were testing out various positions (by walking and freezing for the camera), before I knew it… kyaa! Taki-sama had arrived. The whole street began cheering “It’s Takki!” and “Takki! Takki!”

Finally, Takizawa-kun stood at the center of the shopping street and we began to do a test run of the scene. However, there were also real pedestrians there, so the staff had to go around and say, “Sorry, please cooperate with us” as they guided those pedestrians off to the side of the street. But a lot of people who were off in the distance began to flock in to see what was going on… and there were only a limited number of staff there to hold everyone back. One person even yelled “Takki!” as we were still in the middle of testing.

Then, when we were on standby, an obaa-chan went up to Takizawa-kun, patted his left arm and said something like, “Oh my! Aren’t you Takki?!” and began to prattle on about these random things. This was definitely something Takki fans couldn’t do. But switching from Shuichi to Takki, Taki-sama remained completely composed as he smiled and nodded in reply to the obaa-chan. He was so nice~ He didn’t give off a “we’re in the middle of filming” kind of attitude of any kind. It was the staff who later urged the obaa-san to step off to the side.

This was a real street, so the filming time was short compared to the shoots that were done in a studio. I think it ended about 20 minutes after Takizawa-kun arrived. After they yelled “Ok~ That’s a wrap!” Taki-sama and his manager began to rush off to the next location. They were surrounded by a bunch of people who were trying to talk to Taki-sama. Although he was walking in a quick pace, Taki-sama had a constant smile on as he tried to greet everyone with a nod.

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