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[Report] Tackey Summer Concert 2010 in Osaka – Part 1

I’m gonna split this into parts coz it’s taking me too long to write lol~

We attended both shows at Osaka, the opening on 7/31, and the final on 8/1. Our seats for the first show were good, though the view was skewed. We were just beside the huge screen on the left of the stage, at N block. I realise later that this made a huge difference, cos we really got to see many [ero] things close-up! *hides* We were at the 9th row, so it wasn’t too far back.

It’s a pity there wasn’t any moving cart allowed in Osaka Jo Hall, apparently due to an accident which happened few years back.


[Report] Tackey Summer Concert 2010 – Goods

There is always an additional sense of excitement – when attending the very first show of any concert or butai – of seeing the real goods for the first time, without previews. Last year, it was the Takiranger uchiwa that caught our eyes. This year, it’s Poster B. As we were walking up the stairs to the super hot goods booth, that was the first thing we saw! haha~ And then we were laughing at some of the photos right in front of the booth (the staff and security were looking at us lol).

  • Pamphlet (2,000yen)

It’s BLUE! We expected pink haha~ but let’s start with the cover. It’s matt and made of hard board! The quality of the paper used for the inner pages are good, thick.


[Report] Tackey Resort Event 2010 – Part 2

Okay, the event itself…

It started at about 10 or 15 minutes past 4pm. I think there were too many people so they had to push back the time. We had Row 6 seats in the West stands, directly facing the stage but far back and high up there. But in a good way, it has a full and clear view of the entire thing.

We were barely seated when the drums started beating and some musical instruments played randomly. Live music of Yume Monogatari intro, more random drum beats and notes hitting… and it felt like we were in a rehearsal. The jrs. gathered on the stage in yellow t-shirts and track pants, in the dark. We weren’t sure who were these people at first, and one of them looked like Takki from the back… well, not really, his pants only – coz one side was rolled up lol.

After some time, the Jrs. started calling for Takki to come on the stage. But he didn’t appear. And the Jrs. were saying things like “Takizawa-kun?”, “He was here just now, right?”, “Takizawa-kun, please come on the stage.”, “Takizawa-kun…” etc etc…

And suddenly, Takki’s voice shouted “Ittekimasuuuuu!!!” and he appeared in a cart in between the arena and stands. Ahhhhh!!!! PINK!!! I think he was wearing sunglasses, a shocking pink jacket on the outside, and a lighter pink t-shirt inside, checked pants below, and pink shoes… I vaguely remember him fiddling around while removing the jacket, and he removed his sunglasses soon as well~ (My memory is failing! Tasukete, Takiranger!) And his hair! HIS HAIR!!! It was short and light colored (blonde)! OMG~~ KYON!! KYAAAAAA!!! We went crazy! :D


[Report] Tackey Resort Event 2010 – Part 1

ただいま!☆ タッキーリゾート建築中見学会行ってきました!★

Iya, it was a last minute decision, and we bought our air tickets to Japan only a few days before the event. It’s such a short trip yo~ I really miss Takki so much now!!! I’ll talk about the event venue and goods first ne, and then the event itself in another post… coz I need time to recap haha…


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