[Taiyou no Kisetsu] Takeshiba Futou Park

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In episode 2, Naoto pretended to be Tatsuya asking Eiko out – this was the meeting place. Right after they left, the real Tatsuya met Yuki here as well. That night, it was at this same park that Tatsuya found Eiko… and there was that famous hugging in the rain scene :P

Takeshiba Futou Park (竹芝埠頭公園) is located right at the “Takeshiba” station along the Yurikamome line, the monorail that runs between Shimbashi and Odaiba.

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I went there twice, once in 2008 in the day time and another in 2010 at night. I’ve always stayed on the upper level and never actually went down to the ground level lol. It’s quite a relaxing place, as the sea is just on the other side. I would recommend dropping by if you’re on the way to Odaiba and have a yurikamome pass on hand.

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  1. thanks for posting! when i go back to Japan again, i plan to visit drama locations. last year, i just went to the statue of liberty in odaiba.

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