Mokuyou no Kaidan Final ~ TIME KEEPERS ~

Time Keepers

Drama Info:

  • Title: 木曜の怪談ファイナル 「タイムキーパーズ」
  • English Title: Mokuyou no Kaidan Final 「 Time Keepers 」
  • TV Station: Fuji TV
  • Air Date: 09 Jan to 02 Apr, 1997 (seems like the final 2 episodes on VHS were actually 4 shorter episodes broadcast on 28 Mar, 31 Mar, 01 Apr and 02 Apr, as a Spring Break SP)
  • Air Time: 7:54 to 8:54pm
  • No. of Episodes: 10 (12 during the broadcast)
  • Theme Song: “ID” by ASKA


  • Takizawa Hideaki as Satonaka Rentaro
  • Azuma Mikihisa as Ryo
  • Nakayama Emily as Kei
  • Onita Atsushi as Inspector Goda
  • Takata Mayuko as Yagi Miyuki
  • Mori Kumiko as Satonaka Sumire
  • Nomura Yuka as Shiori (Episode 4)
  • Imai Tsubasa as Gaku (Episode 8)
  • Kawano Naoki as Tetsuya (Episode 8)
  • Ryoko Shinohara as (Episode 8)
  • Maeda Ai as Aikawa Makoto (Episodes 9 & 10)


  • 第1話 未来から来た時間犯罪者
  • 第2話 美しき超高速ダイヤ泥棒
  • 第3話 ケイVSサイバー犯罪者
  • 第4話 吸血鬼に狙われた少女
  • 第5話 もう一人のリョウ
  • 第6話 未来から逃げてきた女
  • 第7話 なぞの鉄仮面現る!
  • 第8話 時間の壁を越えた友情
  • 第9話 最強の敵出現!!
  • 最終話 さよなら、未来から来た仲間達


In the year 2040, man have discovered ways to travel back into the past. The Time Enforcement Commission of the Federal Police sent Time Cops back to the year 1997, to track down offenders who travel back in time to re-write history for their selfish reasons. This story is set in the year 1997. Satonaka Rentaro (Takizawa Hideaki) is a junior high school student about to sit for an entrance examination. For some reason, he is the target of a hitman from the future…

Time Keepers

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Original Soundtrack:

Music by Terashima Tamiya
Release date: 10th March 1997

Time Keepers Soundtrack

1 Time Keepers 2:53
2 Investigation〜Time Keepers〜Remembrance 6:46
3 Remembrance〜Time Keepers〜Chaser 7:38
4 Round daytime〜Remembrance 5:07
5 Stopping〜Time Keepers 7:04
6 2040X〜Time Keepers〜Time Cuff〜Felony 9:44
7 Always〜ID 5:07

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