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八王子 7/28

Continuing off from here
Lol~ I’ve taken more than 4 months to finish this~~

28th July 2007 @ Takki’s hometown, Hachioji, Japan.

We arranged to meet at the station in the morning, and got some パン so that we could eat on the train. We were supposed to alight at Yamada station. Funniest thing was: When we already REACHED Yamada station, NONE OF US got off the train! ^^ Instead, the 3 of them started talking about Yamadataro Monogatari lol~~~ until the train moved off, and I saw the signboard “Yamada” moving away from us… then it hit us!! LOLOLOL~

Fortunately, it’s also possible to alight at the next station. From there, we took a pic of the map at the station and set out to find the first “target” of our “Takki Pilgrimage” :D


[Report] Takizawa Enbujou 2007 – Part 2 & 3

Gomen ne~ It’s already more than 2 months after the shows. I think nobody will want to read this anymore, but still I’ll be thick-skinned and continue my longwinded-ness here, so that I can read back in future :) Btw, Part 1 can be found here, and the Food & Goods here.



Lights out. Loud “BANG”! Takki as Yoritomo appears from the hanamichi trap door. Curtain opens, and Shanao (Takki’s double was on the bridge) & Benkei were on the stage, just as they were before the interval.

Yoritomo started talking, while the bridge in the background splits into 2, and the crew pushes Shanao & Benkei backstage… Then in the middle of the stage, Yoshitomo (Yoshitsune’s and Yoritomo’s father) appears bit by bit. Pieces of armour joins together to form his armour and headgear. Maybe they were controlled by strings (like puppets) from upstairs? It’s hard to describe, but somehow this Yoshitomo’s armour was pieced together, and he “stood up” and started “walking”.

Yoshitsune, Yoritomo & Yoshitomo

I remember Yoritomo walking to the stage to talk to his father, then the entire place blacked out for about 2 seconds. During the first show, when it blacked out, I guessed that a swap was done. (During the 2nd and 3rd show, I can see a figure running backstage when this happened^^). When light came back on, we see Yoritomo kneel/squatting down to his father… His father talked to him for a while (Yoshitomo’s voice is also by Takki ^_^) then asked “Where’s Yoshitsune?”. Then Takki as Yoshitsune came running in from the hanamichi, calling “Chichi-ue! Chichi-ue!”!! I think Ribi was quite shocked coz I heard some reaction from her hehe~~ but even so, it was still quite amazing how fast he changed from Yoritomo’s to Yoshitsune’s costumes coz they were quite different!


The white horse looks real, and its head can move hehe.. Yoshitsune mounted the horse, and they moved off the stage on the left. There were people in black pushing the horse which was on rollers I think, but as the ground was filled with mist (dry ice), I can’t really see them at first. I was still wondering if the horse was real xD


Then Yoshitsune walks out and sees many injured man… Then Takki changed to Yoritomo. His voice is different when he acts as Yoritomo – it’s much deeper and powerful! When he’s Yoshitsune, his voice is like in the drama’s, more yasashi~~ :) I’m not sure how to describe this set. It’s like Yoritomo’s house, and there are figures behind him (supposedly his advisors?). They will move occasionally “on their own”. But they were actually controlled by men in black. I didn’t see any of the men but Snuffles saw from the 2nd floor.

Although there might be heads blocking when you sit on the first floor, you really do not see much of the “trick” behind the magic ne. I realised, coz from fancams (usually taken from 2nd floor), you can see more clearly what’s going on behind the scenes! hee~~ (in Part 1, during Chuushingura, Takki spit water upwards, and when you’re sitting on the first floor, you can’t see the guy passing him the water! but it’s clear from the 2nd floor~! Ahhh.. I want a DVD for this!! Pls go request, people! GO!!)

Sorry for digressing… Back to the show :)

Saburo appears among the audience, and he was chased by some baddies (who ran in from the hanamichi, giving us a shock coz they were shouting quite loudly lol). Yoshitsune helped Saburo by directing the baddies in the wrong direction.


Saburo was about to leave when Yoshitsune asked for his name. Then, Saburo went up the stage and hugged Yoshitsune (one leg wrapped around Takki ^_^). Benkei (the jealous #1 kerai) pushed Saburo away… That kinda started the adlib parts, which are really hilarious!! ^_^ The curtains will close, and Yoshitsune, Benkei & Saburo will stand outside it, near the audience. There’ll be just a source of light on our left, shining onto the curtains. You can see their shadows against the curtains. Takki was standing on our left, nearest to the light source.


[Report] Takizawa Enbujou 2007 – Food & Goods

Since there are no new 24hr TV clips out now, I thought I should continue on my report LOL. In case you missed it, Part 1 wa kochira desu. Before I get back to the show, here’re my thoughts on the theatre, the food and the goods! Lol~ I know I’m really slow, gomen, gomen, back track a bit first ^_^

Before we got to Shimbashi Enbujou

At Higashi-Ginza station, there were 2 Enbujou posters side by side. Looks very pretty like that~ I love this picture so much – they should have sold it as poster!!!!!!!



[Report] Takizawa Enbujou 2007 – Part 1

Finally~~ *wipes sweat* Let’s hope I’ll have the stamina – and memory – to continue the other parts. Gomen, I’m usually quite detailed coz I’m afraid one day I’ll have amnesia and forget everything! Haha. When I read back X years later I’d still be able to re-live these moments~~ ^-^

Takizawa Enbujou 2007 (Part 1)

We went for 3 shows in all – the 2nd show of 25th July and both shows on 26th July. Our seats were the last 3 rows for the 3 shows. Row 19, 18 and 20 – in that order. But, no matter where you sit, you are considered “close” to the stage coz the theatre is really so small!! It looks smaller than on the DVD *lol* so no complains at all. I was happy just to be able to get in :) This was how the stage looked before the show, from row 18 or 19:

Stage before the show

The first show was just… BREATHTAKING!!! Takkitsune-samaaaaaaaa~~!!! I can’t describe it well but if you have the chance to, go watch Enbujou LIVE!!! It’s really amazing ne!!!!!!!! Even from the last 3 rows, seeing Takki flying around, fighting, jumping, wet and *HADAKA*, running in and out of the hanamichi, all LIVE wa sugoi… Everything was well-timed — transitions between scenes, coordination between Takki, the juniors, backstage crew, lighting, sound, etc. It was the first butai I watched, and it was a very fulfilling experience indeed.

We were super high after the first show, and all I remember at the end was Ribi shouting “Saikou” and clapping furiously wahahahahaha… And I was surprisingly awake during the entire show although I did not sleep a wink on the plane the entire night before. As it was the first show, we din know what to expect, where he’d appear from suddenly or wat was gonna happen next. That was the thrill of it~ I had to refrain from watching too much of the news clips prior to this trip as I din want to spoil myself~ :)

The 2nd show – we were at Row 18. It was our nearest seat to the stage *lol* There were heads blocking in front, but when Ribi and I bent our heads towards each other, it was a clear view of Takki right in front. Yes, we were right smack in the MIDDLE!!!! Yoshitsune-sama bowing to us *sniggers*, Takki doing his Sadame *kakkoii* biceps-squeezing thing in front of us, and the Bunjee swing seems like it was straight towards us too hahahaha…

The 3rd (and last) show that we went for, we were at Row 20 aka last row. We were at the very left corner, seats 1 & 2. And 2 seats from the hanamichi. And ironically, this was the BEST seat/view we had! We din have to worry about blocking anyone behind, so we sat far out at the edges of our seats so there were NO HEADS blocking us at all!! It was a super clear view of the entire stage PLUS the hanamichi!!!! SUGGGEEE!!

So… our distance vs view vs satisfaction were evenly spaced out. i.e. the first show was the worst in terms of view but best in terms of enjoyment! And I STILL can’t really remember the sequence of events properly after 3 shows! I’m really really long-winded, so be warned before you read on fufufu~~~~


Similar to last yr’s shows, the violin player, a Jr running at the hanamichi, then ABC’s Kawai-kun dancing on the right. Followed by narration by Mori Mitsuko (who came to watch on our 3rd show). Curtains down. Takki appeared in a mask (like last yr), and juniors dropping down on ropes by the side of the stage (last yr they dropped down above the audience), red curtains dropping at the same time, revealing the set. The stage rotated, and the juniors pulled this huge folding pane apart (this yr’s pane was wider and nicer), red curtains covering, then Takki emerged and flew out from there ^^ There’s a huge dragon moving behind as part of the set. Sugoi~ And the costume he wore this year is nicer!! It’s a majestic red ^^ And he really flies with style~ and grace~


Then back to the stage, he sang and danced a bit, and disappeared (leaving only the VTR). Then Takki appeared at the 2nd floor and flew more from there. This year, he did not have to run down the stairs between the audiences. Instead he appeared via another “trapdoor” near the lights.


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