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[Raw] Orthros no Inu Ep.07

Orthros no Inu Ep 7

704×396, 336.50MB
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1280×720, 765.99MB
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» Orthros no Inu Episode 7 English Subs

My thoughts (*spoilers warning*):



Still on last night’s “Orthros no Inu” Live Broadcast SP! Irene managed to record this before the SP aired yesterday, and she allowed me to share it here~ Arigato!!

Orthros no Inu Live Broadcast - Takki and Asami

Download @ MF (800KB)

It’s only 9 seconds!!! But… they’re so cute!! ^^ I don’t know what made Asami snigger~ maybe she forgot what to say after the “zehi” lol! But the way Takki looked at her after that is so funny~~ Kawaii~XD

Orthros no Inu “Urgent Live Broadcast SP”

The Wan Wan HP updated with the revised timings for the last 3 episodes.

  • 11 Sep 2009, 22:00 ~ 22:54 Episode 7
  • 18 Sep 2009, 22:00 ~ 23:09 Episode 8 (75min SP)
  • 25 Sep 2009, 22:00 ~ 23:09 Final Episode (75min SP)

Sou, there’ll only be 9 episodes for Orthros no Inu! Kinda disappointed… but the last 2 eps will be extended to 75mins each (minus commercial breaks, I guess about 1hr, instead of the usual 43mins). So I guess they are splitting one episode (minus 10mins) into two… juz so that they can end the drama on 9/25, as scheduled.

Anyway, on to today’s broadcast :)

Takki, Asami, and the crew welcomed Ryo back at the TBS studio. They showed a bit of the filming today, then it was a live broadcast where they recapped Episodes 1-6. Takki, Asami & Ryo were watching with us at the same time, and we could see their reactions in a 1cm x 1cm small box on the top right of the screen. Azuki said it was her record smallest screen she’s ever watched LOL!!

Orthros no Inu SP Episode


[Subs] Orthros no Inu – Episode 06

Subtitles by Querbeet

Wan Wan 06 English Subs

SD (704×480, MKV, 323MB)
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MF: 001 | 002 | 003 | 004
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HD (1280×720, MKV, 699MB)
MU: complete
MF: 001 | 002 | 003 | 004 | 005 | 006 | 007
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Softsubs (SRT, 41KB)
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[Raw] Orthros no Inu Ep.06

Orthros no Inu Ep6

704×396, 326MB
MU: complete
MF: 001 | 002 | 003 | 004

704×396, 380MB
DA: torrent

1280×720, 947MB
DA: torrent

» Orthros no Inu Episode 6 English Subs

My thoughts (*spoilers* behind the cut!):


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