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[Subs] [Clip] SCP 20060820 Takki & Taichi – Love You Only

Ryther sent me the translations yesterday! Thank you *muacks* I couldn’t sleep last night after splurging a huge sum of $$ on erm… PAPER, so I decided to torture myself further, and subbed this clip from last year’s Shounen Club Premium :D


Download here (33.99MB)

This comes after the Part 1 Talk (English subbed version here).
I’ll start on the subbing of Part 2 Talk tonight ^^

Takki @ SC 2007.12.09



Had to control myself coz I was in office when I first saw the screenies on Bon’s site, so can only do a virtual kya hahaha~~!!! Thanks for the file, Bon-chan! ^^ I could only watch the silent version of it in office but finally I got to watch the full version with audio lol~ ^^ 殿〜〜カッコイイイイイ!!!!!!


I love Tono’s “raw” look~ lol, I’m not sure if it’s the right word to use.. but yeah, from top to bottom, even when he doesn’t shave, doesn’t put on make up, has messy hair, has acne scars hehehe~~ and the cute bun made its appearance again!! And his jacket too kekeke~~




Download here (46.03MB)
** For the first time ever, i uploaded at 170kb/s — in office! Incredible speed~ it’s weird, coz at home i was uploading at 0.01kb/s for the past few days, so slow that i decided to close the uploads…

Takki @ SC 2007.11.11

Grabbed the file from Bon-chan this morning in office…. KYAAAAA~ THAT BUN IS SOOOO CUTE!!!!! Reminds me of Tsu’s Samurai!bun hahaha… but look what Takki is using — a Macbook Pro!! I’m such a sucker for Apple stuff kekeke… Last Saturday @ Sim Lim, my bro and I were still drooling at the Macbooks and Ipods lol~ I’m using a Mac Pro at work and I love it~:) But what stopped me from getting a Macbook for myself earlier this year was 1) CB can’t be used, 2) it’s more expensive, or so I thought. Coincidentally, a team member just sent over this link this morn lol~


Ok, gomen, back to the clip: Takki SP Project :)

Erm, was Takki’s left eye red? He looks quite tired ne~ *poor thing, he’s always looking tired~* In the meeting room, Takki, Yara and some staff-san were having some discussion. I was trying to look at what was written on the white board, but only saw “12/23 O.A” (on air?)~ isn’t that kuricon day? Yea, it’s a Sunday so there should be SC that day~ can’t wait to see that video ^o^ and erm, he keeps that Ero Ero Dance music on his comp?? *lol*


Then, the rest of the clip is of Yara and the members of the unit. Are there 5 of them now? (lol~ the ABC guy’s pants came off while he did the backsomer desho *g*) Ah, anyway, they introduced themselves and what kind of food they like etc. Then Yara read out a letter from Takki (I noticed he used “TAKIZAWA-SAN“) to the members :D Takki told them “to listen to Yara and ganbatte”.

Takki also asked in his letter, “Which artiste do you like?” :) IT’S KINDA OBVIOUS WHAT HE WANTS AS AN ANSWER DESHO! But Baka!Senga said he likes Yara coz his dancing is good etc etc etc… Yara then continued reading Takki’s letter, “The person who answers “TAKKI” will appear a lot in the (music) video kana…” LOLOLOL~ This is just so typical of Takki :D Baka!Senga’s reaction was so funny~ and the next guy immediately answered “I like Takki bwahahahahaha. Then Baka!Senga said “I like Takki more than Yara” lol~ and Yara went charging at him ^o^

Download here (40.14MB)

T&T @ Shounen Club 2007.10.14

Ahhh~ Takki KAKKKOOOOIIIII!!!! He looks REALLY GOOD in this epi ne~~ his dressing, his facial expressions, his hair, and even his BAKA-ness is so adorable *LOLOL* What a thing to wake up to on a Monday morning hehehehehe ^_^

T&T – Guess the Song + Talk

Basically, the juniors, in two groups, have to guess the T&T songs from the intro & the chorus (karaoke). It was fun, coz I was guessing along the way :) I got every answer faster than the juniors, except for “Sora no screen” Oops~ *hides* It’s embarassing to admit, but I went “Eh?” too… like our President Bakakki hahahahahaha… Then, for the last question, Takki decides to give 100pts to the group who can answer, but he himself doesn’t know what song it is until the juniors started singing! BWAHAHAHA… It’s funny how he can’t recognise his own songs!


Download here (123.15MB)

T&T – Real DX

KAKKOII!!! Real DX is a song which you have to watch the performance to appreciate. I’ve always loved the dance part (I call it the “robotic dance” lol~ don’t ask me why) :D


Download here (72.18MB)

Takki SP Project – SP Unit

Ah~ sou desu ne. Finally the Takizawa Special Project is unveiled. 4 members with Yara as the leader. LOL at the way he pulled Yara to the press conference. And the cutest part to me was the VTR that he recorded to show the members of this special dance unit, to tell them they’re part of the unit. CHOU KAKKOII *how many times have i used this word already today*! Haaa~ I can go on taking screen caps of that short VTR…


Download here (37.18MB)

Just received email from Kino that they have 20% storewide discount this weekend! I shouldn’t have collected my mags yesterday! But ahhh, guess it’s okay since there’s that 11-pages of Oricon Style to drool at~ ^^! And…. CDJapan has shipped my order!!! YAY!!!!!!!! Oops, half the day gone already. What have I accomplished? lol~ Better get down to “work” xD

T&T @ Shounen Club 2007.10.07


I laughed so much during the Jr. Quiz section. It was soooooo funny!! Everyone MUST watch this segment yo! I’ve cut out only the T&T parts from this episode! make sure you watch at least the Jr. Quiz one!!! :D Okay, let’s start from the beginning…


T&T made their grand entrance after some Jrs were introduced. Then they sang a medley – Yume Monogatari, Venus, followed by SAMURAI! Woah~ I didn’t know there was furitsuke for SAMURAI!!! *runs off to learn the hand moves*


Download here (102.28MB)


Basically, Takki and Tsubasa are among 5 guys wearing black hoods (Kawai-kun, Hikaru and Nakamura are the other 3~). They sit facing the audience, and are numbered 1) to 5). The Jrs on the stage can only see their backs. These Jrs are split into 2 groups, and they have to guess which is Takki, and which is Tsubasa! They are allowed to ask questions, and the 5 hooded guys have to answer… Their voices are put through a filter so they sound like chipmunks *lol* They were so cute, when they were saying “I’m Takki desuuu”, “Ore Takki..”… lol…


Download here (94.22MB)

Q1 by 2007 “Benkei”: Takizawa-kun, please sing “Kamira Tamara
So all the 5 “Takizawa-kuns” have to sing it. LOL! All of their KamiraTamiras were so funny! Tsubasa’s “Kaaammiirrraaaaa…. taaammmaarraaa….” was hilarious!! Hikaru doesn’t know the lyrics of the 2nd part… lol~~ Nakamura sang “” instead. And Takki’s own “kamiRA (swings head), tamaRA (swings head)” BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

Q2 by Yabu: Tsubasa-kun, tell us what you dislike about Takki
Kawai-kun says something about Takki wearing cosplay costumes. The real Tsubasa said “when he falls for someone else… this is sad.. I wish he’d look at me more”~ The fans were screaming of course! Nakamura said something and Takki whacked his head, causing his (Nakamura’s hood) to slip off! Lol~ Nakamura told Takki, “Stop that, Tsubasa”. LOL! Then when it came to the real Takki, he (as Tsubasa) said that “Tsubasa doesn’t dislike anything about Takki” *HAHAHAHAHAHA*… if he were Tsubasa, he wouldn’t refer to himself as “Tsubasa” Lol! His high-pitched “ANOO~~~” after that was so cute!!! Hahahaha… IMO, this question gave everything away hahahaha!!

Q3: Takizawa-kun, please do a monomane of Tsubasa
Kawai-kun did a monomane of Tsubasa doing Venus. And Tsubasa did a slow-motion of Venus! Hikaru sounds weak and high-pitched hahaha… Nakamura does a “Get Down”… while the real Takki does the “Woah~Woah~Woah~Woah~Yeah!” part of “Get Down” hahahaha… His “se~no” before that was really cute!

My jaws are aching now.. too much laughing! ^_^

Talk + Kamira.Tamara

There was a short interview with T&T. Listening to this version, I think Takki sang a bit wrongly for the Msute performance? Hehe.. But doesn’t matter, I LOVE KAMIRA.TAMARA!! It’s really very catchy ne!! xD


Download here (77.15MB)

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