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Takki’s VTR on SC 2006.09.17

Takki appeared on the 17/9 Shounen Club Premium in a short VTR. I have extrcted only Takki’s part~ you can download the clip HERE (Sendspace) or HERE (YSI).


I love the tan~~ and his kyon-hair ^^ :)

Shounen Club 2006.09.03

Takki was a guest on Shounen Club 2006.09.03, and he performed “Taste Me” for the first time. He was the a special guest and appeared at the end of the program.


Taste Me

I remember the first time I heard this song from the single, I started laughing coz of the way he pronounced the english words, and coz of the lyrics itself. I didn’t really like the song, but the words are so *yummy* hahaha… “Taste me, honey… Drink me, honey” hahaha… But the performance itself was kinda sexy, the backdancers were each doing their own sexy stuff lol. Now I like the song more hehe…


Yume Monogatari / Venus / Epilogue / Ho! Summer Medley

The juniors sang and danced Yumemo & Venus, and then the music for Epilogue played. Takki appeared from a door in the middle, and when he appeared out of the “fog”, the screams escalated~ I LOVE EPILOGUE!! I loved this performance of Epilogue so much, but it’s too short~ he only sang one verse alone, then the rest joined in for one chorus.


Then it was Ho! Summer! Takki’s solo version. Nice also! hehe, and there were so many people backdancing. Then Yamapi and the rest came out to join them (as this is the last song of the show). Takki held up a bit of Yamapi’s “outfit”. I think he must be thinking what a weird outfit lolz. He also did a short dance thing with P :)


Download .001 | .002 | .003 (257.32MB)
** Re-uploaded on 30th November 2007.

Shounen Club Premium 2006.08.20

Takki looks amazingly handsome on this show. I concluded that he looks good in PINK LOLz… He was interviewed by Taichi of TOKIO, and talked about how he decided to join Johnny’s at age 13 coz he didn’t have the size to become a pro-wrestler.




There just have to be a post on this: The Samurai Skit, from Utaban 2006.08.10. It’s gonna be long, so bear with me hehe… Takki & Tsubasa performed Ho! Summer, and the first shot of Takki was funny already and set the mood for the entire show IMO.

Utaban 2006.08.10 - 1

The talk segment. It was quite short, but Nakai tried to do some Yume Monogatari thingie but got the lyrics wrong lol. Takki corrected him and sang a line from the chorus hehe. They also talked about the groups they hang out with I think and their upcoming solo activities. And they showed a group photo of Takki, Yamapi, Toma, Jun, Koichi, etc, etc (No Border). They all had funny expressions in the picture, especially Domoto Koichi lolz. But Takki still looks really pretty in it.

Utaban 2006.08.10 - 2

Then comes the rehearsal for the skit. LOL. This skit is the continuation of the Jan’06 DoMiSo Samurai skit. Though I feel that the previous one was funnier, this one has a more elaborate set, and it’s also really funny~~~~ the “lady” this time did this really long sexy dance.. You got to see it for yourself, it’s hard to explain :)

The funniest part: When Takki, Tsubasa and Nakai appeared, they had to say “Do” (Takki), “Mi” (Tsubasa), and “So” (Nakai). When Takki and Tsubasa first said “Do” and “Mi” respectively, Nakai scolded them for saying it wrong. He then ‘taught’ them how to say shout it (in a strangled chicken voice lolz). Takki and Tsubasa then followed and it was super hilarious!!! wahahaha….

Utaban 2006.08.10 - 3


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