Zubari 2006.08.08

OMG, this is so hilarious!! The best one so far for Ho!Summer~~ Takki appeared first (he came in by the side door) and gave Kazuchan a stalk of rose. Later on when they introduced Tsubasa, Takki thought Tsubasa will also appear from the same side door. Instead he made a grand entrance from the centre, and had a huge bunch of roses for Kazuchan! Kazuchan gave Tsubasa a hug! lolz… And Takki looked really jealous LOL

Zubari 2006.08.07 Part 1

Then they performed Ho! Summer. And had a talk segment. I’m not really sure what they talked about (coz my Jap is limited) but it seems like they exposed some private stuff of Takki. I only know Takki laughed a lot during this segment and he looks rather embarassed^^ He even mispronounced his own name at one point (that boy!!).

Zubari 2006.08.08 Part 2

Then came the hilarious part – the Balloon Game! haha.. Round 1: Takki and Tsubasa had to say what they like about each other (I think), once they finish their answer, they can pass the balloon (which is being blown bigger and bigger) to the other. Takki said something about Tsubasa’s dancing, and that he was ‘Kakkoii’! Tsubasa said something about Enbujou too~~ Takki is known to be afraid of loud sounds, and he looked so freaked out about the balloooooon~~ wahahaha he kept shoving it towards Tsubasa!! xD When the balloon finally burst, Takki fell to the floor… and the balloon wasn’t even in his hands! It was in Tsubasa’s!! LOLx

Zubari 2006.08.08 Part 3

Round 2: Takki and Tsubasa had to say what they liked about Kazu-chan! After a few passing around of the balloon between Takki & Tsubasa, Takki suddenly panicked and passed the balloon to the other host! LOL! Both Takki & Tsubasa then ran to the other side of the stage and disappeared from the camera~~ The host with the balloon also panicked and said something about Kazu-chan’s cooking, then he ran over to Takki and shoved the balloon to him… And while Takki was holding the balloon, it burst!! Haha! Takki fell to the floor again!! LOLZ…

Zubari 2006.08.08 Part 4

After that, I don’t understand what they were talking about again but they seemed to have made fun of Takki yet again, maybe they were asking him to leave the show or something (coz they, including Tsubasa, waved bye bye to him lolz).

All I know was Takki’s ^^ eyes were seen a lot during this show.
He seemed really at ease and happy. He smiled a lot :)

EDIT: Added on 5th Sept, 2007:
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