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[8時だJ] 1998.06.17

8jidaJ #09 1998.06.17
– J-1 Grandprix: Handspring etc (lol at Kazama & Toma’s handsprings, Nino’s *cough*, and that whatever “arrangement” Takki came up with~)
– Jr Auditions (introduced a new Jr.)
– Jr no Kimochi: dogs vs cats as pets, which part of a girl makes them doki :)
– Wakeboarding: Part 2. Takki, Kohara, Osaka, Hamada, Nino had to choose one out of three new stunts to try.
– Jr Comedian (Yokoyama)
– Jr Theatre: Breakfast at Tiffany’s (Takki!^^)

8jidaJ #09 1998.06.17

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[8時だJ] 1998.06.03

8jidaJ #08 1998.06.03
Guest: Nagano (V6)
– J-1 Grandprix: Arabia (Nino! LOL~)
– Jr Auditions
– Jr no Kimochi: UFO, girls hair (Takki likes girls to bun up their hair!)
– Jr Comedian: MatsuJun
– Wakeboarding: 1st lesson – Takki (when he talked at the end, it seemed like a lot of water had went into his nose~) , Kohara, Osaka, Hamada, Nino

8jidaJ #07 1998.06.03

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[8時だJ] 1998.05.27

Here’s another episode of 8jidaJ. That shirt looks good on him! XD

8jidaJ #07 1998.05.27
Guest: Okada Junichi (V6)
– Jr no Kimochi (girlfriend’s cooking, crying)
– Jr Comedian (Toma with Take 2)
– Jr at Tofu shop (Sho, Tanaka)
– J-1 Grand Prix (Vaulting: Pike)
– Jr Theatre: Graduation (Nino)

8jidaJ #07 1998.05.27

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Can’t wait for tomorrow’s SCP!!! “WITH LOVE” will be performed for the first time on TV!! And today I was in a Dream Boy mood. Just finished watching my DVD disc 1~ now I feel like watching Enbujo DVD too… And talking about Enbujo, “Benkei” Ohkura was on NHK Studio Park 2 days ago, and Takki wrote a fax to him! :)

[8時だJ] 1998.05.20

8jidaJ #06 1998.05.20
Guests: Joshima & Yamaguchi (TOKIO)
– Jr no Kimochi
– Jr Audition Round 1 (Takki’s stepbrother took part in this one too, but we only knew it 8 years later, when Takki did One!)
– Jr Comedian (Aiba with Creamstew)
– J-1 Grand Prix (This is one of my favourite episodes. First, the TOKIO senpais made me laugh. Then Nino always had this bo chup look lol~ and then Takki accidentally hit his *beep* while doing the straddle jump? lol~ anyway, Yamaguchi said his mom’s a Takki fan ^^)
– Jr Theatre: Casablanca (Jun)

8jidaJ #06 1998.05.20

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[8時だJ] 1998.05.13

8jidaJ #05 1998.05.13
One of the guests for this episode is V6’s Miyake Ken. During the “Jr. no Kimochi”, there was an interesting question of “What would you not want your mother to see more?” A: your personal drawer, or B: your naked body *lol* (did Pi really keep H-materials in his drawer at that age?). The Jr. Comedian this week is Tsubasa (with Boomers). Takki was caught kamikami-ing too (he hit his mouth after that lol~) J-1 Grand Prix this week is the vault. And Jr. Theatre is “An Officer and a Gentleman”. Osaka-kun stars in this with Tanaka-san. Takki likes her a lot, so he was really jealous of the scene where Osaka carries her lol… Jealous and flustered Takki looks cute =P

8jidaJ #05 1998.05.13

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