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Zubari 2008.02.26

I love that chain he’s wearing! And that jacket! Ahhh~ gonna miss him on Zubari ne, his opening speeches, his “konshuu no guest wa kono kata desu” lol~ They’re already starting to flash back on the old episodes from 2005.

3 more episodes left?


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Zubari Iu Wa Yo! 2008.02.19

Kawaii~~~ The most fun part of this episode was when Creamstew said that the guest, Sakata Wakaru, likes 巨乳 (huge breasts). Sakata’s reason… Well, he turned to Takki and said “If you are a guy…” and Tono immediately said “That’s right…” LOL~ The guest is quite cute for a pro-wrestler, his wife Koike Eiko is the one who acted as Tomoe in Yoshitsune. I’ve always thought she looks like Florence Tan lol~


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Zubari Iu Wa Yo! 2008.02.12

Tono kakkoii~~ *^^* I LURVE whatever he was wearing for the guest segment. So cute, it even has a “tail”! Hahaha~ And what? Kazuchan asked him who he sleeps with? Lol~ And at one point of time, I saw him licking his lips while the guest was talking lol… Why do I notice such things? bwahahahaha… Probably I know I’ll miss Zubari soon… Sigh.. Kinda sad ne… but still, if old things don’t end, new things won’t come :)


Best part of this SHCOOL segment again was the flashback of the 2005 SHCOOLS! I love the old school segments, Takkitsune-sama in his dyed hair and apron~~ chou kawaii~~ and wow, I miss that hair too T__T


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Maa~ din really celebrate V-day this year, but I’m quite alright, surprisingly. I would have made a fuss if it happened say 4 yrs ago? Hmm~ Anyway, after work, we had “zhu2 chao3” at the coffee shop nearby – rice with their zhao1 pai2 tofu, pai2 gu3 wang2, and my fav. salted veggie tofu soup! Coz I’m still having that stupid cough, can’t eat any “heaty” stuff, so beef steak and lamb chops wa dame. When will my cough go away?!!! Sigh… But I had a talk with my boss before I left office too~ It’s been a year already. Not too long ago, I was still job hunting~ Time really flies ne…

Zubari Iu Wa Yo! 2008.02.05

This is mich who’s home alone on the 2nd day of the Rat Year. (show more)

Anyway, here’s the latest Zubari. This episode is cute ne~ They had sort of a ‘wife search’ for the guest, the sumo-wrestler that made Takki “fly” the other time heehee~ The search was narrowed down to two ladies. And lol~ Takki was teased again :) When the younger lady said Takki is not really her type, omg his reaction was… hahahaha~~ But of course, appearance wise, Takki is like the exact opposite of the guest! If the guest is “her type”, then obviously Takki isn’t~ *lol*


And a pleasant surprise at the end ~ the old SHCOOL!!!!!! (ahh~ somebody asked me why I spell it “shcool” instead of “school”. Actually… I can’t remember why too! Hahaha~ but I think it was from one of the older episodes? Forgotten already ne~) So happy to see Takki wearing that apron again!!! KAWAII~~~~~~ And Tono eating is always = Tono folding underpants too! ^______^


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Zubari Iu Wa Yo! 2008.01.29 (SHCOOL)

Seems like Takki only appeared in the SHCOOL segment for this episode, so I’ve cut out this part only, which is about 8-1/2 mins.


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