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[Subs] J’J Takizawa Hideaki Episode 8 – 2013.02.25

滝沢くん、31歳お誕生日おめでとう〜! Happy 31st Birthday, Tono! ♥ そして、Happy 329 to all Takki fans!! ♥ To celebrate this occasion, here’s the release of episode 8 :) J’s Journey #8 (2013.02.25) With English subtitles Translated by Marie & subbed by Mich Duration: 22min 29s DL (720×406, mp4/h264, 182.17mb) Sorry I’ve been really busy recently and couldn’t finish this earlier, […]

[J’s Journey] 2013.03.04 – Episode 9

J’J Takizawa Hideaki Nanbei Juudan 4800km DVD box and Blu-Ray box will release on 12 June 2013. For both versions, there will be a total of 5 discs: Episodes 1-12 (4 discs, 3 episodes per disc) + Bonuses (1 disc). DVD Box ~Director’s Cut Edition~ (List price: 14,700yen) Blu-Ray Box ~Director’s Cut Edition~ (List price: 18,060yen) There’s […]

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