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[Scans] Duet 03/2010

Realised I haven’t scanned this one yet, from a few months back… And I just received the recent months’ clippings as well, so I should be posting some backdated scans soon.

duet1003-01.jpg duet1003-02.jpg duet1003-03.jpg duet1003-04.jpg duet1003-05.jpg

Sigh… I was watching Japan vs Paraguay. It’s really a cruel way to exit the World Cup…
But I think they played well. Samurai Blue, otsukaresama!

[Radio] 滝沢電波城 2010.01.24


「Good evening, this is Takizawa Denpajou’s Takizawa Hideaki! Well then~ today, continuing from last week, we are once again out of the Nippon Housou studio and we’re currently airing from the Takizawa Kakumei and Jinsei Kakumei’s dressing room at Teikoku Gekijou. I think there are people who are wondering “What does he do when he first enters the room?”


[Radio] 滝沢電波城 2010.01.16


「Good evening. This is Takizawa Denpajou’s Takizawa Hideaki. Well, today, we’re out of the Nippon Housou studio and we’re currently airing from the dressing room of Jinsei Kakumei and Takizawa Kakumei, which are currently playing at the Teikoku Gekijou. Well, three weeks have already passed since we’ve entered 2010, but I am still not feeling the spirit of the new year. What is this… this strange feeling… Last year, we also did Takizawa Kakumei and we also did it starting from the very beginning of the new year. But I am enjoying my long-waited co-performance with Mori-san. If there’s anyone who has not seen the play yet, I would certainly like for you to come.


[Scans] Theater Guide 03/2010

Collected this yesterday from Liang Court Kino, and was surprised at the size of the mag. It’s only half-A4 size! Sorry, I couldn’t bear to bend my mag too much, so some of the scans are a bit blurred at the sides.

theater0103-01.jpg theater0103-02.jpg theater0103-03.jpg theater0103-04.jpg theater0103-05.jpg

10 more days ~♥

[Report] Takizawa Kakumei ’10 – Act 2, Show Time

…cont’d from Act 1

Duration: approx. 1hr 15mins

Scene #1 – Ruins A


Shigin-kun walks onto the stage and introduced the next Act, which is about the future in the year 2060, Newton’s prediction of the end of the world. After talking for a while, he points up to the 2nd floor, the music changed, and *chou kawaii* hidejiji hung from a cable “flew” down from the right of the 2nd floor, to the left on the first floor stage.


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