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[J’s Journey] 2013.01.21 – Episode 3

Here u guys are~ Episode 3!

DL : Mediafire (asf format, 124.13 mb)

[J’s Journey] 2013.01.14 – Episode 2

Without further ado…

In this episode, we got to hear him speak more Spanish… he wasn’t looking at his guidebook either! Sounds pretty impressive to me ^^;

He also got lucky the first night because there was a hotel for him to stay at. Wasn’t so lucky the second night though XD The second night, he realized he couldn’t avoid camping anymore and had to spend the night at a camping area. But when he finally found the place… uwah, honto kowai!!! Almost like a scene in a scary movie! If I were him, I would’ve just parked at the gas station and slept in the car XD

But anyway, I was quite excited to see him try to assemble something! Don’t let those wobbly-looking tents fool you! They can be quite difficult to assemble, especially if you don’t have experience or instructions. But our Ouji is smart, so I’m sure he’ll figure it out… eventually. lol

DL : mediafire (asf format, 131.9 mb)

Takki Tidbits

It was announced today that Takki’s co-stars in “Mayonaka no Panya-san” will be Kiriyama Akito (from B.A.D, 23 yrs old) and Tsuchiya Tao (female actress, 17 yrs old). This will be the first time Kiriyama has co-starred with Takki.

(picture credit : Y!A Japan)


[Update] Takizawa Kabuki 2012 DVD to be released on 20th February 2013!

Updated 8th January 2013: The Takizawa Kabuki 2012 DVD will be released on the 20th February! It’s been ‘postponed indefinitely’ for a while now and we were getting a little frustrated with the wait, but finally the new release date has been confirmed on J-net today! Moreover, pictures of the pouches for Tackey shop have been posted as well.

Finally! Takizawa Kabuki 2012, staged from April to May earlier this year, will be released on DVD on 14th November! There are 2 versions and actually, both are must-buys to me. Like previous DVDs, they place the Family Show in LE, and Making in RE. VERY tough to choose only one! Based on DVD footage alone, I’d go for RE coz Documentary wins lol~ BUT there’s a booklet in LE, plus the cover for LE is sooooo nice!!!!!

LE滝沢歌舞伎2012 DVD Limited Edition
List price: 8,800yen
Pre-order @ CDJapan | Amazon | HMV | Tower
*Comes with 52-page booklet
Disc 1: Act 1 (approx. 90mins)
Disc 2: Act 2 (approx. 80mins)
Disc 3: Family Version show in May 2012 (approx. 90mins)

RE滝沢歌舞伎2012 DVD Regular Edition
List price: 7,800yen
Pre-order @ CDJapan | Amazon | HMV | Tower
Disc 1: Act 1 (approx. 90mins)
Disc 2: Act 2 (approx. 80mins)
Disc 3: Documentary (approx. 100mins)

There will be a freebie (pouch – same design but different color for each edition) when you buy at Tackey shop. You’ll get the PINK pouch with the Limited Edition DVD, and the RED pouch with the Regular Edition DVD.

Hmm… I like the pink pouch yo… but the 26% discount on Amazon is a bit too hard to resist… I think I’ll give up the pouches so I can get both versions. I NEED that documentary, but I don’t wanna miss out on the family show, the cover & that booklet!

Takki Tidbits

There’s a rumor on Twitter that the Takizawa Kabuki DVD will be released on February 20th. Don’t know how legitimate this is… but let’s hope it’s true. I don’t know how much longer I can wait…

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