Takki to appear on Shounen Club

Takki will be the next guest on Shounen Club Premium. The show portion however, will be Tackey & Tsubasa. The show will be aired on 20 August, 2006.


Takizawa Hideaki Recital 2006

Takki news coming in fast and furious!! I can’t handle it~~ But I’m proud of Takki. He’s going to star in a new musical about his own life!! So that is what he went to Las Vegas for… Anyway, here are the details:

Takizawa Hideaki Recital 2006
Date: 5th Sept 2006 to 28th Sept 2006
Venue: Nissay Gekijou, Yurakucho – Tokyo
Tickets: 11,000 JPY (tax incl)

The musical will tell of how Takki became who he is today (mind you, he is only 24 years old!), entering Johnny’s Jimusho, learning things there, and how he became the Johnny Jrs’ leader, and an idol, all packed into a show. This is his second musical of the year!

Takki Solocon DVD!!

Good news!! Takki’s solocon is finally being released as a DVD!! I sent ONE pathetic email requesting it at the official site. BTW, I can’t read those japanese words on the site, so I just went with my instincts and ‘filled up the blanks’ lolz… Aniway, enuf of my crap, check out the details below.

Takizawa Hideaki Arigatou 2005 Sayonara Concert DVD
Release date: 30 August 2006
Bonus: Original keyholder (First Press only)
Price: 4,300 JPY (tax incl)
Preorder: CDJapan | Shinseido | Tower | HMV*

Track List:

2人の夜 (Futari no yoru)
君の名を呼びたい (Kimi no na wa yobitai)
Day By Day
Here I am
Words of Love
仮面 (Kamen)
One Day,One Dream
キセキ (Kiseiki)
夢物語 (Yume Monogatari)
願い (Negai)

Now, let’s pray that Takizawa Enbujou will be released on DVD too… *prays*


You have reached my little shrine dedicated to Takizawa Hideaki, also known as Takki or Tackey. This is my way of showing all my Takki!LOVE. You’ll find my graphics, screen captures, audio files, rants, some news and possibly music videos in the future? Who knows? Hope you enjoy your stay here :)

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