Ho! Summer covers

Avex Trax posted the covers of the Ho! Summer singles!! Really quite happy with the covers! *YAY* I love the regular press' one best! But the other 2 are cute too!!! Ho! Summer (Jacket A) CD+DVD ("Ho! Summer" choreography & off shot image recording) 1. Ho! サマー/タッキー&翼 2. Taste me/滝沢秀明 3. 見果てぬ夢/今井 翼 4. Ho! … Continue reading Ho! Summer covers

Ho! Summer

I know I'm posting this everywhere, but this pic is too gorgeous I couldn't resist. I'm so looking forward to seeing the PV and the covers of Ho! Summer. Credit: Yahoo Auctions via Loracyn 1) DENIM rocks!! 2) DENIM jeans with white tops against the blue sora & umi rocks even more!!! 3) Look at … Continue reading Ho! Summer