[NikkanSports] 4.18.2009

This is a rough translation of the “Saturday Johnny’s” article. (Original scan: courtesy of Nyanco). Baka me, mistook the cursive う as a ろ… so i spent about 30 minutes trying to figure out what “Soro denai to…” meant XD Anyways, enjoy~!


This week is about the manly Johnny’s Jr. leader, Takizawa Hideaki (27). His physical beauty, which you can witness during the magnificently-scaled Takizawa Enbujou (now until the 25th at the Tokyo Shinbashi Enbujou), is the direct result of such an intense stage play. But there is also a surprising and shomin* side of him that likes super markets! Please also enjoy the other genuine, nerdy side of him that relieves stress by spending 1,500,000 yen on seven TV sets~

– Matsumoto Hisashi

[*shomin literally means common people or the working class]

What kind of person…

People usually say that I’m very stubborn. I do listen to others’ opinions, but once I’ve decided on something, i wont change my mind about it. And i hate to lose. I would feel discouraged if i dont (win). Particularly in the entertainment world, where giving up also means that it’s the end for you. This is probably poorly said, but when you’re in this business, there are times when you have to do things that you don’t like to do. But it’s important to try. “It’s alright if Takizawa can’t do it because there are others out there who can.” If you think that way, then I think you’ve already lost.

Holiday / Off day

On my off days, I usually go shopping at the nearby super market. I would push two carts with both hands and buy large amounts of things like groceries and condiments. It helps me relieve a lot of stress and gives me a sense of satisfaction / accomplishment so-to-speak. After finishing my January stage play, Takizawa Kakumei, I bought a great amount of home appliances. I spent a total of about 1,500,000 yen on a PC, hard disk, and several TV sets. It cost a lot, but because it was a sale, it was quite a deal. I bought sevent TVs because I use them as movie monitors. This was the most I’ve ever gotten on a shopping spree.

Recently interested in…

A camera with a ten year career. Last year, i bought a Canon EOS-5D. I often take pictures with it during location shoots. The best shot I’ve had up until now is a picture of Mount Fuji. I keep the camera close to me and I’ve noticed that there are various expressions (that i can capture with it).

Special trait

I dont do any kind of special training or weight training… nor do i do push ups or sit ups. I only get my muscles from rehearsing (for my plays). Once the play actually starts, my body just keeps getting bigger and bigger. In the middle of the month, we even have to remake some of the costumes. Which is why this time, we decided to make them a bit larger. Anyone who does such an intense stage play would become muscular too. Also, my rival is not a person, but myself. I battle it out inside myself.

Ideal Girl

I can be a handful sometimes, so i’d be happy if she could be considerate, attentive, and interested in various things. I think home is different from the workplace, which is why I do not want my partner to be in the same entertainment business and it’d probably be better if she’s from a different environment. I want to live the normal life of common people. My own mother has a very bright personality and occasionally goes kya-kyaaaa’s. Its very annoying *lol* To have kyaaa’s coming from my own family, its kind of… That’s why I’d like my wife to be someone who will not compete / go against my mother.


That would be the wooden box that i received from Kyoumoto Masaki-san. I saw the one that Kyoumoto-san was using and asked about it. Apparently, it was handcrafted by a worker in Kyoto and is quite valuable. He made one for me too and I’ve been using ever since. At the theatre, you can smell the essence of Enbujou and kabuki, so it makes me feel relieved. At the beginning i was afraid that i would damage it, so I used it very carefully. But Kyoumoto-san said that the dents and the cuts would give it more meaning and that i should just use it without hesitation. “From Kyou-sama” was written (on the side of the box).

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