Summary of 6.13.2009 Denpajou

Opening Talk

「Good evening, this is Takizawa Denpajou’s Takizawa Hideaki. Recently, i got some time off and i’ve been using that time to do various things. For the first time, i started playing on a golf course! It felt great~ But there are a lot of mannerisms and various things that i dont know about golf. When it was my turn, everyone was really quiet. We didnt know that we couldn’t talk during the game… so when staff-san and i were chatting and i said something like “Really!?” cady-san angrily shushed us. Scolding someone who is 27 years old, it was a nostalgic experience.」

♪ Played Shalala

「Well finally, a woman is making an appearance on Takizawa Denpajou. Up until now, we’ve had characters like Bovex (?) 1&2 and Gag Machine 1&2 come into the studio, but after a year and a half, we finally have our first guest! Usually, guests will tell us that they cant come, but this time, they gave us an immediate reply. Please welcome Ishihara Satomi-chan. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu~ 」

殿 : iya iya iya, hello and welcome~
さ : Tono!
殿 : Hello– yes?
さ : You smell really nice
殿 : What– really?
さ : Tono you smell nice.
殿 : baka baka (silly / stupid)
さ : No really! When i walked into the studio, i thought “That’s Tono’s scent!”
殿 : What the heck hahaha~
  Ma, Satomi-chan and I did Yoshitsune together, didn’t we?
さ : Yes we did. Thank you for looking after me back then.
殿 : No, thank you. Back then, you were in your…
さ : Thats right, i was 18 back then.
殿 : 18. Right now you’re…
さ : Right now I’m 22.
殿 : Oh, you’ve become an adult
さ : I celebrated my Hatachi (coming of age).
  Its been a while since we’ve met, huh?
殿 : That’s right. We would at occasional Yoshitsune group meetings.
さ : That’s right.
殿 : But only when our schedules allow us to.
さ : Ah, i went and saw your play
殿 : Ah thats right, thats right
さ : It has really been a while~
殿 : iya iya, its been a while since we’ve last worked together too
さ : That’s right
殿 : What have you been up to lately?
さ : recently?
殿 : Have you changed since then? Like you’re really lively/energetic right now.
さ : hahaha like I’m acting all cute and charged up?
殿 : You give the impression that you like to talk non-stop!
さ : hahaha
殿 : iya, up until now, i’ve worked with various female co-stars,
  but i rarely talk with them.
さ : eh, really?
殿 : Satomi-chan is really the only actress whom i’ve talked a lot with.
さ : really?
殿 : Seriously. I dont talk with them because i’m shy.
さ : Takizawa-san certainly doesnt give the impression that you’re a shy person!
殿 : You’re kidding!
さ : no really
殿 : really?
さ : yes
殿 : I’m actually a really shy person.
さ : really?
殿 : even if its a guy, at the beginning, its difficult for me
さ : eh, but there were lots of members in Yoshitsune, right?
殿 : un~
さ : Like Ujiki-san, Minamihara-san, and Akkun
殿 : yes yes yes
さ : whenever i came in, it got serious/quiet
殿 : perhaps (theyre closer) because they’ve worked with each other before
さ : ah, thats true.
殿 : this is the first time i’ve felt like talking so much with a female co-star
さ : ah really? thank you~
殿 : ma, working together for an entire year, all of us have made various memories.
さ : un~
殿 : while we talk about that, i hope you’ll also participate
  in one of our Denpajou corners.
さ : is it ok for me to join you guys?
殿 : iya, to be honest, i dont want to do that corner right now.
さ : why not?
殿 : its sort of a “what the heck?” kind of corner.
さ : i’ve listened to it before
殿 : eh, you’re kidding!
さ : you guys try to decide on a title
殿 : yes yes yes yes
さ : When i listened to it, i was riding in a taxi, on my way home.
殿 : ah, im happy to hear that, hahaha
さ : Really refreshing
殿 : eh?
さ : your show
殿 : your kidding, its not at all
さ : really?
殿 : its actually quite terrible. we have various corners but none of the last long.
さ : oh really?
殿 : yes. but before we get to a corner, i’d like to talk a little bit more.
さ : Ok
殿 : Some time ago, we talked about your turning 22
さ : yes
殿 : and you’ve been reborn into a sexy woman.
  Im interested in what you do in your private life.
  Do you usually talk about your personal life?
さ : thats what i should be asking you
殿 : iya iya iya, i dunno a lot about you, like the type of guys you like.
さ : someone who looks like a good guy.
殿 : like someone who looks kind?
さ : yea, like if everyone thinks that he looks like a good guy.
殿 : like Yon-sama?
さ : ah… yes, yes. i like someone who’s face looks kind and sincere.
殿 : i see. are you planning to get married?
さ : everyone around me / in my age range is getting married
殿 : thats right. a lot of people have been getting married lately.
さ : a lot of my friends too… but i do want to get married.
殿 : i see.
さ : what about Takizawa-san?
殿 : i do, i do. i definitely do.
さ : Takizawa-san’s personal life…
殿 : you wouldnt go have ramen in the middle of the night, right?
さ : i wouldnt
殿 : you wouldnt right! but i would. by myself.
さ : by yourself?
殿 : i like to be by myself
さ : is that… okay?
殿 : hahaha its nothing to be worried about. its quite a normal thing for me.
さ : heh~
殿 : i like going out with friends, but recently, ive been doing things alone.
  i like the calmness.
さ : heh~ you’re so mature
殿 : we’ve both become very mature.
  and my relationship with my mom has gotten even better
さ : yes, same for me. i think thats one of the things that i feel
  has changed the most. i went on an onsen vacation with my mom too.
殿 : ehhh!
さ : When i was in my teens, i wanted to be with my friends.
殿 : un, thats normal ne. but thats nice ne.
  to see a mom and her daughter get along so well.

Yo! Iro Otoko

殿 : what about a guy makes your heart skip a beat?
さ : hmm… when a guy asks me to hold onto a wallet, cell phone,
  or something of importance that they always have with them.
殿 : indeed! when he entrusts you with something
さ : thats right. and i would say something like “sure~”
殿 : i see. i should try doing that
さ : hahaha please do!
殿 : like i’ll casually say, “hold this for me?”

「the biceps on his arm looks like Morgan Freeman’s face」

さ : eh? what does that mean?
殿 : Morgan Freeman is an actor.
さ : ah hahaha~ well i do like biceps.
  i like the curve from the shoulders to the arms.
殿 : oh~~ you like macho men?
さ : the curve isnt nice if the guy is too macho. i like natural curves.
殿 : a slight curve… Satomi-chan, you sound like a maniac ne!
さ : iya iya iya, i do? really? i like that part of a guy tho
殿 : ah, so you have a shoulder fetish?
さ : yea, well more like a line/curve fetish
殿 : a line fetish
さ : i actually want you to take off your shirt!
殿 : why? you’re giving off a totally different image
さ : wait, really?
殿 : iya, i think its a good thing. its a good impression
さ : hahaha sumimasen~

lol not much of a summary. but i translated all the parts that i thought were the most interesting. demo ne… etto… i think its just me. but was there a bit of flirting going on? if i didnt know any better, i would think that theyre dating or something! Ma, whatever the case is, they seem like good friends ^^ yokatta ne, Tono~

27 thoughts on “Summary of 6.13.2009 Denpajou

  1. Yossy says:

    Huaa thankz for the translation..
    I’ve a feeling before thats smthing happen between them..
    And now,i just feel that smthing really happen between them..hehehe

  2. michelle says:

    thanks for translating, bon-chan~! it’s really an interesting conversation ne! satomi-chan should go on denpajou more often! i love them together~ so bubbly and cute~ and.. yea, kinda flirtish too hahahaha…

  3. tipsy says:

    hehe thanks for the translation, I think for the sake of the Radio to attract listeners they flirt abit…that’s very natuarl thing to do on Radio, I did radio myself.
    I thought she sounds more a flirt than him though, want to take his shirt off..,,gez keep your hand and your thought to yourself woman!

  4. koalabear says:

    Thank you for this long translation!! But still can’t get enough of Tono~
    lol he said he is actually very shy, I doubt that too XD
    If Tono asks me to go out to eat ramen in the middle of night, I would absolutely say YES!!!
    Ahhhhh~ Tono, go find yourself a gf already, I want somebody to keep you company in midnight^^

  5. tipsy says:

    koalabear: it’s hard for Johnny’s to have gf…even they want it too. I think they are not allow when they are under 30. And it’s hard for Takki to get a g/f for what his is not who his is…by reading thru Bon-chan’s translation on her site, I think Takki wants to have a g/f who loves him for what he is not who he is…..unless that girl is deft, blind and mute then she doesnt know who he is.
    the radio thing is this weekly? and how long has he been doing it?

  6. yoko says:

    She’s not his type.
    His real love is faraway and more secret.

    That’s just another kind of entertainment show to entertain ppl who are crazy in dramas by actors and actresses.

    Just like the way they were trying to entertain Yaoi fans or gay fans of TxT… Tsubasa and Tackey.

  7. yoko says:

    Johnny Kitagawa-san knows deep down inside that,
    they never fall in love with each other,
    so he allowed them to collaborate on radio shows on the same radio station, Nippon housou,
    to promote their works and raise their money
    during the world’s worst economy like Japan’s World War II.
    It’s another way of businees.

    His next week’s guest is YamaP!!

  8. bon-chan says:

    i do not deny that there might be errors in my translations (duh, im not a pro translator), but mich and i work hard to make them as accurate as possible. If you have a problem with my work, then you should approach me in a nicer or more appropriate manner. I’m not as kind as Mich and i will not take rudeness from you or anyone who confronts me before actually taking the time to know / talk to me.

    regarding the topic about the relationship between Takki and Satomi-chan :
    ummm, CHILL OUT~~~ i never said they were actually dating.

    and “deep down inside” we have to admit that we know jackshit about Takki’s personal life – no matter how hard we try to make it seem like we actually understand him and the way his life works.

    none of us know whether or not he has a girlfriend. we just dont know!

  9. tipsy says:

    bon-chan: dont worry, being a non-japanese, listen and translate Takki’s works. I admired you guys, you are doing a wonderful job, translate all of this for Takki’s fans…to try to understand Takki better….(as I am learning japanese) I found that they talk way too fast …although I thought cantonese people talk fast but nothing compare to Japanese. And the Japanese writing is too difficult for me as well. So dont be discourage by some ungrateful moron(s)…I love your work …gambatte.

  10. kittyhello says:

    to bon-chan
    I think your translation is right because i have seen chinese version which is almost the same contents.
    and Tono say Satomi-chan is the only actress who he can talk deeply with,so i do feel there may be something between them,like a familiar friendship.
    just forget this “yoko”,after reading his words, i think he’s crazy.

  11. koalabear says:

    seem some tensions above*~* No matter what, Bon-chan, we should thank you for your time and hard work. And as to the “yoko”, i don’t think and i never thought of that socall image he’s taking about, they’re just best friends and very close to each other.
    As takki’s fan, I really want him to have a gf SECRETLY even tho i know he’s not allowed to, i mean he is a human being, it’s cruel for him not dating since he became famous. He can keep it in private life. and i don’t know if that satomi-chan is his type, if he does have a gf, yes, that girl must love ALL the way he is, she must be takki’s perfect lover….anyway, i just want takki to be happy.

  12. KatSpore says:

    XDDD BONNie, I had a great laugh since I took a skip fm work n read.. I had fun reading your translation of what Satomi-chan n Tono talks abt.. I’m glad Tono enjoys his chat with her. ^^ Both of them have fetish.. fufufufu *cover mouth* Tono dear, before you tell pp off, rmber you had “uchimata” fetish as well ne~~ LMAO

    As for Yoko n Subaru, just turn a blind eyes to them! I dunno what the hell they r thinking! Anyway, is it too peaceful ard here that someone is trying to create something.. dunno how those pp’s mind work..

  13. leelin says:

    Bonnie, thanks so much for translating….its interesting talk btw the two…huh…hugs to you for doing it so quickly..

  14. Sannah says:

    Satomi-chan saying “i actually want you to take off your shirt!” OMG….she’s just one of us…..LOL! Likes to see and touch Tono’s bicep….Bwahahahaha…..

    Lucky girl……Tono had spent a lot of time talking with her……..I really love their parts and scenes in Yoshitsune… romantic…..

    Thanks Bonchan for the translation and Mich for sharing it…..Good job gurls!

  15. love says:

    wow… 17 comments !!!
    and few boiling ones also above… LOL
    i never saw something like this before.
    some people are paying attention to our fandom ne~~

    put all those aside…
    bon-chan thank you for sharing !!!
    haha… i have this image that i want them to date.
    they’re very warm to each other. ^^

  16. cat says:

    Bon-chan and Mich, thank you very much for your time and effort. I really enjoy reading your translation, and glad to know Takki had a good time and a good chat with Satomi-chan.

    As for his personal life, though we want to know, we actually really know very little. Since he wants to protect his private life and keep it to himself, let’s respect that. He is probably more mature than any of us, younger or older. That’s one of the reasons we love him, isn’t it?

    Please don’t take those negative comments seriously. We sometimes should let ourselves have the filter function…Anyway, thanks again!

  17. nic2mit says:

    bon-chan: Thank you so much for translating. I’m not Japanese and I don’t speak Japanese so there is no way for me to get this kind of information on Takki anywhere else if you guys don’t do this work. So I thank you.

    oh by the way, when he said Yon-sama, does that mean Bae Yong Joon?

    koalabear: what do you mean if’s not allowed to date? Are you serious? By contract or something? Wow.

    By the way….I’ve been watching J-dramas a lot since I became a fan of Takki and every time I watch, I see ramen. Not the instant kind but the kind that you get from the restaurants and I’M DYING to try some. They look so yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Giftzy says:

    Thanks for ur translation.

    I feel they are closed friends.

    I really want to listen and see the atmosphere of Denpajou.

    I think it’s so kawaii~~~

  19. katya_alex says:

    I’ve been aware of this radio program since it started..but this is the first time that i had an idea of what happened in one episode. I dont download and rarely do so. Harharhar! So, thank very much for this. keep up the good work to both of you. Im used to addressing my messages to mich. Harharhar! I think, this is my first time leave a message for u although im already familiar with ur name for years now. nice to meet u!

  20. dunebabes says:

    please allow me to join here,im an die hard fan of takki too,and i love reading all news about takki,,thanks for the translation and more power,i read that conversation and i dont have any idea about satomichan,i dont know who she is,but maybe they really have something in common,and im a little bit jealous how i wish im the lady guest ,,lol..(*0*)thanks

  21. love says:


    they’re allowed to date but they have to keep it as a secret ’till they’re 28. after 28, they can admit to any relation they have, but they have to make sure not to cause too much commotion out of it.

  22. koalabear says:

    nic2mit chan: yeah, i heard that too, i asked this question on another forum, they told me the same thing as Love-chan said, and tipsy also said the same thing, so i guess that’s true. well, I know some hongkong stars, they’re also not allowed to date when they’re young and famous(but there’re always many gossips:) anyway, like cat-chan said, we should respect takki’s personal life^^
    btw, i totally agree with cat, as a non-japanese speaker, this’s probaly the only source i can read stuffs about takki, so bon-chan, go ahead and ignore some unappreciated guys, keep going, we need your work!!

  23. bon-chan says:

    minna, arigatou~

    yea, there was sugoi tension at the beginning *lol*
    etto… i tend to give the impression that i’m a bitch
    but im only like that when people (whom i’ve never even talked to before) appear out of nowhere and start offending me / my translations. i just get really defensive because i put a lot of time into those posts. Sometimes, i wish i could be as tolerant and nice as Mich XD

    yup, by Yon-sama Takki means BYJ. This reminds me of the picture in the T&T calendar magazine where Takki dressed up as Yon-sama hahahaha~

    nice to meet you too~ if u know where my old blog is, i have a few translations of past episodes posted there. i usually only translate the “opening talks” because thats normally where Takki rants about what he’s been doing in his private life.

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