[LQ] 世界まる見え! 2011.09.12

Sorry for the late post, everyone! We were hoping that the HQ file would be released today… but I guess we’ll just have to live with the LQ for now (btw its 600 mb… quite huge for a LQ file ne ^^;). Anyway, I haven’t watched the whole thing, so can’t really comment on it… but the ping pong corner and the “lol” corner was funny~

MF | MU (633.8 mb, wmv format)

3 thoughts on “[LQ] 世界まる見え! 2011.09.12

  1. ivyhide says:

    he really likes floor very much. ^^ in this show maybe he just want to sit for a while, but was pulled down by one partner. kawaii ne! Thank you .

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