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[Radio] Driver’s Meeting 2011.09.04

This radio show is mainly about cars, but it was actually really interesting because we rarely get to hear Takki talk about his own car! For some strange reason, I get really excited whenever I get to learn something new about him. Even though I’ve been his fan for a while, it feels like there’s still a lot to learn about him~

Anyway, I didn’t translate the entire script; this is only a summary of the most interesting parts. Hope you guys enjoy!

  • Takki likes cars with four wheel drive. Ideally, he wants a 4WD that is squarish in shape like a Jeep… he prefers something that looks really manly and visually appealing rather than something that’s comfortable to ride in.
  • But some time ago, he saw Matchy-san driving this particular car that he thought looked really kakkoii. He made up his mind that he would definitely get the car after earning enough money for it… and that’s the only kind of car that he’s been driving ever since. In fact, every time he gets a new car, it’s always the same brand and model, but just a newer version of it.
  • His cars are all from the same dealership too. His friend, who he hangs out with in his private life, works at the dealership and he would always notify Takki before every new model change. Thanks to this friend’s insider info, the car that Takki has now was the first of its model to be sold in Tokyo (kakkoii!!).
  • He only cheated on this brand/model once… and it was with a 1959 “amesha” (American car) LOL~ But unfortunately, it’s whole air conditioning system had to be replaced and the car itself took a lot of work to maintain. Like all old American cars, it also ate up a lot of gas. He would fill up the tank and it would literally be gone the next minute. Takki also said that the amesha was a full-sized car so it was difficult to drive through the narrow streets of Tokyo. Not to mention, it was a red car so it stood out a lot and every time he drove it, people on the streets would stare XD
  • Occasionally, Takki will buy “used-car magazines” because inside, there are articles about cars that have been redesigned with customized features. He uses that as a form of inspiration for what he could do with his own car.
  • Speaking of custom work, Takki said that in terms of the interior of his car, he had a new audio system, new speakers and an equalizer installed. Near the driver’s seat, there are also two knobs that allow him to control the bass amplifier. He got all of this done at the dealership, where he was able to get recommendations from the on-site specialists. But next time, he wants to try changing the size and color of the wheels. Right now, his car is black, so he wants to make the wheels matte black.
  • Even though he has all these cool audio tools, he doesn’t listen to music very often in his car. But when he does, he would usually listen to a concert DVD (instead of a CD). Recently, he’s been listening to concerts, PVs, and clips of Michael Jackson.
  • As for the other miscellaneous accessories… he had monitors installed to the back of the front seats so that his passengers could have their own entertainment area in the back. He also uses car perfume, but he doesn’t like anything that is too strong because he doesn’t want to fully eliminate the smell of the leather seats.
[Radio] Driver’s Meeting 2011.09.04

8 thoughts on “[Radio] Driver’s Meeting 2011.09.04

  1. Thanks bon-chan!

    Like you, after all these years, I still read avidly all these interviews where Takki speaks a little more openly of his tastes and habits. I understand he has a new 4WD regularly, but I wonder how many cars he has. I remember the sports car [has he discarded it?]. The American car reminds me of what aspiring actors drive around Beverly Hills, encumbering old gas guzzlers….I drove an older car like that at one time, and grew to just loathe it: always needing to be filled, and always in the shop!

    He likes a masculine looking car. May I add there is something very masculine about customizing his cars as he does, and even putting in all this audio stuff he doesn’t really use much?

  2. remember once on the TV show, he went to IKEA with Jin, he drove the red car( i think it’s US car because the driver is on the left side,but i’m not sure), is it his own car?

  3. As far as I know these are different cars, the one he went to IKEA in was a sports car. It probably drinks gas too, but I don’t think it is a 1959 model, it is a more recent one.

    Bon, I am sure you know.

  4. If I remember correctly, the red sports car in the Film Fiesta clip was a Ferrari Spider 360 ^^

    But I’m glad you asked that question, cause I’ve been thinking about this since I started writing the report…

    Back in 2005 or 2006, Takki said that he wanted a fiery red sports car. The car that he owned (back then) was red, but it wasn’t a sports car (and now we know that he was talking about his 1959 amesha). But when i saw him driving the Ferrari in Film Fiesta, I automatically assumed that he had finally gotten that fiery red sports car he had wished for.

    HOWEVER, in this radio report, Takki mentioned that he still wants a sports car…. but he has decided not to get one until he’s 50 or 60…. So I think the answer to your question is no, I don’t think the Ferrari was his. Gomen ne, for making those assumptions cause I think I mislead everyone who read my old blog (^^;)

  5. Btw, on a sidenote, I just looked up on Wikipedia what a ‘1959 amesha’ was, and there was nothing that says what that is. (not an ‘American’-type car anyway) I’m not sure…maybe I could be wrong or looking in the wrong places but, when I just asked my husband too what that was (he’s a motorhead too lol), he looked at me w/a weird-funny look and never have heard of that type of car before either. (and he’s usually really good about naming cars off the bat from the top of his head, remembering all types of makes of cars too, including old-model ones)

    Gee, maybe it’s not an American car after all? (I don’t know) So sorry to bring that up…just wanted to mention it, that’s all. :)

  6. I only kept getting search-finds (Google) of pics of a sexy model named: Ameesha or Amisha; that’s all. lol Maybe it’s a different make-model and not an American one? O.o Either that, or I’m looking at the wrong search engine for this info.

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