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Minna-san, genki desu ka?

Sorry we’ve been MIA recently. There’s been barely any solo news and there’s still no solocon dates from Tono… THUDS. Raise your hand if you’re also getting impatient! Now, with that same hand, please give Tono a tiny virtual whack for being so evil XD

As soon as the dates come out, we’ll be sure to report about it. But in the meanwhile, we’ll just have to keep ourselves entertained with tidbits like the one below… enjoy~

Kiriyama (of Kansai Jr) talked about Tono during the afternoon show of “You no mae ni Me ga iru” on May 27th.

As the story goes… Kiriyama was absolutely eager to get Tono’s keitai number, but Tono wasn’t about to just give it away that easily. Tono made him a deal that he would give him one digit in trade for every interesting thing that Kiriyama did. For example, when Kiriyama got Tono to laugh at two of his jokes, Tono gave him the first two digits of his keitai number, which was “09” LOL! (In Japan, the area code for cellphone numbers are usually 090 anyway? hahaha~)

So one night, Kiriyama was eating out with Tono and TheyBudou, and he only had one last digit left to go. Kiriyama was going to try dialing every possibility from 0 to 9, but Eda Tsuyoshi (of TheyBudou) secretly whispered the last digit into Kiriyama’s ear.

Kiriyama immediately sent out an email to that number, with a funny photo of himself and a message that said “I finally got your keitai number!” But Tono was sitting right in front of him and his keitai didn’t ring at all… Seconds later, Eda turned to Kiriyama and said “I was just joking btw” and Kiriyama started freaking out, like “What?! But I just sent my photo to that number!!”

In attempt to fix things, Kiriyama wrote another email to that person asking them to delete the photo and disregard the message. Moments later, Kiriyama got a reply…

Person : You’re some famous person, aren’t you?
Kiriyama: No, I’m not.
Person : You’re from Kansai right?
Kiriyama: No, I’m from Niigata.
Person : Is this some kind of prank?
Kiriyama: Yes, it is.
Person : I dunno what this is about, but I’m going to sell this to a weekly gossip magazine anyway.

Kiriyama began freaking out even more and turned to Tono for some advice. But Tono just said “You’re not even from Niigata right? SO WHAT if it gets into a gossip magazine?” And Tono was kinda right… there was nothing else he could do at that point, so Kiriyama tried to brush the whole thing aside and just wish for the best. But he didn’t eat anything for the rest of the night, so it was obvious that he was still really worried about the whole thing.

But as it turned out… it was really Tono’s keitai number and the whole thing was a prank!! TheyBudou were all in on it, and guess who the mastermind was behind the whole thing! buahahahaha~~~ So evil, this sempai!!

13 thoughts on “Takki Tidbits

  1. Kitty says:

    hahahahahahahahaha~~ SO EVIL~!!!!!

    the later JE releases the dates..
    the lower chances that i can attend… =(

    hope that they will be released soon!!

  2. Takki.us says:

    We agree! it’s been too long!! However, the chances of him doing a drama this year are perhaps slim :(

    But you never know cause Tono never ceases to amaze us with how much he manages to squeeze into his crazy schedule!

  3. Regina says:

    Ahahaha, I laughed so hard at this XDDD
    Totally love the prank LOL
    Thank you for sharing, really enjoyed myself reading it XD

    • bon-chan says:

      I couldn’t stop giggling when I translated this tidbit, so I’m glad you enjoyed it too! ^^ Tono is really good at this kind of stuff ne~ But his poor kouhais… hahaha

  4. simone says:

    Tono is evil! That’s truly a pretty funny story.

    Unfortunately, drama roles do not only depend on him and his capacity for work… I keep hoping against hope, the year is far from over…

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