Takki Tidbits

1) There’s a rumor floating around that Takki will be a guest on next week’s Shounen Club (NHK). No confirmation at the Shounen Club site yet.

2) According to a tweet, Takki has been filming for NTV’s “J’s Journey”, which is scheduled to be aired in January 2013!! This would explain the eyewitness reports from people who claim they saw Takki at the airport a few days ago.

This show is basically like a video diary/documentary of a Johnnys idol’s solo journey around an unfamiliar foreign country. YamaP was the first to do this, with his “Route 66” show where he took a roadtrip through the United States via the famous Route 66 Highway. Then, Kitayama from Kis-my-ft2 did the first “J’s Journey” show earlier this year where he had to travel around India by himself, all while on a tight rupee budget.

Now apparently, Takki is doing a 4,000 km long trip from Santiago, Chile to Lima, Peru. Takki was supposed to go to a Peruvian restaurant and sports bar called “Tia Susana” at Shinanomachi, Shinjuku, to get a taste of Peruvian culture before his trip. According to this twitter source (who’s original source was the restaurant’s blog, even though they later took down the post), Takki was to shoot an interview scene at the restaurant. So at the end of November, a staff from the production company actually went to the restaurant to do a “preliminary inspection” lol

The restaurant staff was asked how much it would cost to reserve the whole restaurant for 10 hours from 1 pm to 11 pm on the day of the recording. This has never happened at Tia Susana before, so they wanted to know how much other restaurants usually charge. The production staff replied that they’ve once paid around 15,000 yen per hour. But then, they said they’ve also been to some places that have allowed them to film for free.

Unfortunately however, after they finally worked out a basic agreement, the production company notified Tia Susana that they’ve decided to shoot the interview at ANOTHER restaurant… nanka hidoi ne ^^; I kinda feel bad for the restaurant, but this incident allowed us to get some insider info about what Takki has been up to!!!

And he’s in South America, can you believe it?! When Mich messaged me about this in the middle of the night last night, I thought that I was dreaming and that she was drunk. Only when I checked Twitter this morning did I realize that it’s true! buahahaha~ Anyway, I remember watching Kitayama’s journey around India and thinking how nice it would be if Takki could do a show like this too. And look! He’s actually doing it! I really can’t wait to watch this~~~

7 thoughts on “Takki Tidbits

  1. mich says:

    Lol!!! Everything that happened last night seemed so surreal haha, I didn’t know myself if it was all a dream~ But it’s true ne!!! XD And when I was watching Kitayama in India, I also thought the exact same thing!!! Now only got to wait for official news :)

  2. thariamon says:

    I live in Lima, Peru and I’m trying my best to find out where he is but… is kinda impossible, my city is a mess right now… holidays and then it’s city anniversary soon so… Gosh… according to my calculations… he should be here between 11th, 12th or 13th this month… I’m working near downtown so I hope to hear some news from him this is driving me insane T_T!!!

  3. Mirah Randria says:

    OMG I hope these rumors are true !!! *___*)/
    1) I want to see him again in the Shokura, it’s been so long !
    2) I was wondering who would be after Chinen and Takaki (I love their journey because they came in my country). I never expected it would be the best Johnny’s ever !! <3 <3

  4. Noro Randria says:

    I can’t wait to see this!!!!!!!!! ^o^*)/

    By the way, there is a J’s Journey with Hey! Say! JUMP members Takaki Yûya and Chinen Yuri in France currently airing! =)

  5. simone says:

    I had found out about Takki being in Chile a little earlier. I had to laugh, there is a guy who used to content himself with La Vegas or Hawaii.

    Now he has been, very briefly, to London, and is presently trekking across Chile into Peru. I hope he gets a good view of the beautiful Andes, and I await his opinion of roast guinea pig!

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