Takki Tidbits

Takki is back from his 4,000 km long journey from Chile to Peru!!!

1) On December 17th at 9 am, @SUZUEH (who works in the TV business) tweeted :

“By the way, THAT PERSON has just returned to Japan today after successfully (and safely) finishing his long trip! He’s back now, stronger than before and with a bit of a tan. I believe he’s showing a real side of himself that he’s never shown before. Personally, I am excited (for this show) as well!”

Tono~ okaeri!! We’re so glad you’ve made it back safe and sound. And we really can’t wait to see your J’s Journey show!!

2) If you follow us on Twitter, you probably already saw our retweets of this, but during Tono’s trip, there were three people who tweeted about seeing Takki at Machu Picchu. One person said that he was in “Machu Picchu Town” when he got to shake hands with Takki! Unfortunately, photos were not allowed. But the following day, he tweeted again and said that he was quite shocked by how many people had retweeted his tweet about Takki XD

Two days later, another person stood next to a tour bus to steal their Wi-Fi so that he could immediately tweet about his “Takki sighting.” He also mentioned something about someone saying (in English), “Hi, Mr. Takizawa. Nice to meet you.” XD

3) On December 16th, someone tweeted, “Today, I met with a friend who works in the confectionery business. They said that Takki just recently went to their boss’ store to learn how to make pastries for an upcoming drama. It seems like they said that Takki has a natural aptitude for making pastries.”

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