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Zubari 2007.12.04

Loads of Takki in this episode again ^^ Many different expressions and reactions kekekekeke~~~ The Takki/Kazuko bit at the start is so cute too! I like that jacket he’s wearing ne… and it’s only 17 days more to the Takitsuba Best Tour~ Tono, please don’t do anything drastic to your hair!! Keep it this way please xD



Zubari 2007.11.27

His hair looks so nice~~ especially during the guest segment. This week’s guest was quite funny~ though I skimmed thru the whole thing quickly, I think Takki got quite a lot of “screen time” during the guest segment. The part where he ignored the guest was LOL…


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Zubari 2007.11.20

Tono, please keep your hair like this until Kuricon, onegaishimasu!


It’s black!! ^^ and short~ and most importantly, it doesn’t have the rebonded look kekekekeke~~~ Ureshii ne!! Ah, though the guest talk segment was recorded earlier so Takki still had his coloured yukichan hair then. But both the “100 women” and “SHCOOL” segments had Takki with his new black hair :-)


You guys have to watch this part in the SHCOOL segment! He had the cutest expression after Kazuchan said he had the wrong answer~ I was cursing at the blue words on the screen coz they were blocking my view lol (^-*)


Then there’s this part of SHCOOL where in response to Takki’s “yoru” answer, Kazuchan said he was ecchi wahahahahahaha… His smile then was priceless~ ^^ Uedasan also said after that “Honto Takki wa H desu ne” lololol~~


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Zubari 2007.11.13

I want back the old SHCOOL!!! I want to see Takki in that Takiapron again!! *whines*

And Takki’s hair… fortunately he already went to the salon!! But… will he have this hairstyle in the kuricon pamphlet?? I dun really like it ne, the rebonded look, which is most likely done for Yukichan~ ah~ I hope they styled it up more for the pamphlet photoshoot…


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Oooh, and I was watching an old Tsubasa drama SP last night, the one with Ikewaki Chizuru. I think it’s called「るんは風の中」…

Zubari 2007.10.30

Lol~ he’s holding her hand every episode now, isn’t he? hehehehe… Wow, her shoes are very doll-like ne! Really like a hime~ :D But there is something different about Takki.. is it his hair? Did he cut it? Rebonded and cut? Colored? bwahaha… I can’t tell anymore ne… *blur*


Anyway, the starting part of the talk was really funny! The guest is 39 years old but not married yet. Then Kazuchan was saying something about “shin pin” (brand new item). She kinda expects Takki to know what she meant, but he was like.. “shin pin?… shin pin?” *giving a blur look* then she said “virgin” lol~ then his reaction was so cute “ah, socchi kaa” LOL~ and did he just went on and asked the guest if she was a virgin? bwahahahahaaaa *whacks* then when the set started revolving… hahaha…


I cut from the start of the talk to all the virgin talk by Teppei and Ueda coz it was funny~

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