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Zubari 2007.10.23

Ahhhhhhhh~~~ Hosoki Kazuko is really the luckiest woman on earth :D Not only she gets to hold his hands, she gets to HUG him, be hugged by him, see him up close, and see him smile back with the cutest smile ever!!!! (^^;*


[EDIT:] Download this clip here (10.34MB)

And his hair isn’t that bad ne~ I actually quite like it (at least it isn’t as rebonded as Serenade PV’s or Satoken~~ hehehehe~~) And like what You-chan said, the SHCOOL segment has changed ne… The students weren’t wearing aprons but quite formally dressed.


I miss the TAKI apron!! I’d rather see Takki in an apron than a suit *pouts*~~~ But it was so cute when he took the chance to promote the TAKITSUBA BEST ALBUM.. and he promoted the GREEN one~ ^^

[EDIT:] Full episode D/L .001 | .002 | .003 (282.60MB)

Zubari 2006.04.04 2hr SP

Continuing off from the 2006.03.28 2hr SP episode, this is the 2nd night of a 2 week 2-hr special.

Part 1

Takki walked up to a small table (to ask the girl 5 questions), and did a pose unknowingly. But Kazuchan told him that it’s KAKKOII~:) The 5th question was: “Between Takki and Tsubasa, who do you like?” When she said “Tsubasa”, Takki’s reaction was so cute! *^-^* Then when she said “Actually I like Kamenashi”, Takki replied “Aa sou!” then gave the cutest smile~


Then Creamstew played a prank on Hosoki-sensei who was having a meal at a restaurant – at her birthday party. They got a waiter to “accidentally” spill some food in front of her…twice lol~~ Then Creamstew appeared lol~ The way she hit them was so funny! They sent in a huge cake for her, but Teppei “accidentally” caused the cake to topple. Lol~

Download .001 | .002 | .003 (234.81MB)

Part 2

50 NEET vs Hosoki-sensei segment. Then back to Kazuchan’s birthday party and the prank :D They said they’ll give her a present. They opened a door and invited her into a church-like place to “get married” LOL… She asked who’s the groom. They asked her back “who’s missing?” and she replied, “Takki?”… Everyone called “Takki”, and the door opened, but it wasn’t Takki at the door! It was some weird and funny guy lol~ Immediately, she said “kimochi warui”, “maniac” and tried to run away. Apparently, the guy is called “Wakki”. They stopped her from leaving the room (lol~ she was REALLY angry hahahaha)… Then she walked back to the front of the “church” and soon… the REAL TAKKI walked in, in white, with a bunch of flowers!!! She was so happy, they hugged!!! ^___^ After that, they walked down the aisle and went through the wedding procedure which was so cute~~ and funny too :D


Download .001 | .002 | .003 | .004 (316.38MB)

Zubari 2006.03.28 2hr SP

This is for rasha, and any others who might be missing this episode.

Part 1:

The famous Majo no Jouken Hikaru/Michi bridge scene re-enactment by Takki/Kazuko! Don’t think I’ll ever get sick of watching this clip ne. Takki with jiji-specs = KYYAAAAAAAA!! Then there is also a 100 female high school students special.


Download .001 | .002 | .003 | .004 (314.30MB)

Part 2

So coincidental that this particular episode’s guest is Jackie Chan, when all the talk about Takki appearing in his movie or not is going on now among us fangirls… Jackie did mention during this epi that he’s thinking of Takki acting as the son of a Japanese big boss (and his lover). The other funny parts of this epi was when they showed Hosoki-sensei’s previous “whacks” on Teppei, Shinya & Takki, and when Takki did the ‘drunken master’ moves lol~


Download .001 | .002 | .003 (286.31MB)


I cut out just this part from the Zubari 2hr SP on 2007.09.25. Takki looks genki ne~ fair and pretty~~~ Sen was saying that it’s the right time for him to film Yukinojo Henge :) Yea, “she” will be prettier with more flesh on the face :D I’m also wondering what t-shirt he was wearing… There’s a guy’s face on it. Can’t see clearly, and too lazy to re-watch the entire 2hrs again lol…

Back to the clip:


Teppei teases Takki with “Nan Takki Sono Kao?” (What’s with that face, Takki?). It’s been some time since his “Nandayo Takki”s haha! And Takki replied “Hisabisa da na” (It’s been a long time na) LOL~ Really cute!! Then his “Nani” after that was soft and kind hehe~~~ Before this, they showed a clip of the guest’s old CM. In it, he slapped his face and said “Hideki Kangeki~” (in this weird voice, with hand action lol~). As “Hideki” and “Hideaki” sound alike, Teppei asked Takki to do a “Hideaki Kangeki~”

Download here (8.71MB)

[EDIT:] I’ve uploaded the entire episode for rasha~ If you need it, douzo:
.001 | .002 | .003 | .004 | .005 | .006 | .007 (Total: 612MB)

Zubari 2007.09.18

Takki kamikami-ed again during the opening of yesterday’s Zubari — TWICE *lol* And I like what he’s wearing! Heee~ the pink tee and outer black jacket, and the way the sleeves are rolled up ^^


Download this part here (6.84MB)

I’ve cut out this other part from the episode too — just because Takki is eating! ^o^


Download this part here (35.29MB)

And yay~ he really looks more genki desho!
Btw, J-net has updated the TV schedule :)

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