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[Subs] [Clip] SCP 20060820 Takki Interview – Part 2

Apologies for the delay of this clip.

This is part 2 of Takki’s Shounen Club Premium interview on 20th August, 2006. In this clip, he talks about the formation of Tackey & Tsubasa. Translation is by Ryther, and timing/styling/encoding by me.



Download MU / MF (59.97MB)

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[Subs] [Clip] SCP 20060820 Takki & Taichi – Love You Only

Ryther sent me the translations yesterday! Thank you *muacks* I couldn’t sleep last night after splurging a huge sum of $$ on erm… PAPER, so I decided to torture myself further, and subbed this clip from last year’s Shounen Club Premium :D


Download here (33.99MB)

This comes after the Part 1 Talk (English subbed version here).
I’ll start on the subbing of Part 2 Talk tonight ^^

[Subs] [Clip] SCP 20060820 Takki Interview – Part 1

First post on my brand new notebook! Yay~ I finally got this baby yesterday, on Labour Day *lol*. Carted 小滝 back from Funan. Ribi was there to witness his “birth” lol (btw, she has posted up the dame Myojo scans and the absolutely cute Minisute clip!! Go download~!) Anyway, the point is, because I was out the whole of yesterday, I didn’t have time to post this until today. So… honto ni gomenasai~

This is my first attempt at subbing, so please pardon my inexperience. Subbing is quite tedious, have to time it to nanosecond perfection~ and when two of them speak at the same time, it gets chotto confusing lol~ But I love this clip too much to mind, so I can say that I had fun subbing it!

Translation is by Ryther, rest by me. Please do not repost this clip anywhere else :)


This is Part 1 of SCP where Takki talked about his junior days, how he became the leader, the hardships he went through, the rivalry between the Jrs, etc. There were also chibi footages, and VTR comments from Aiba (Arashi) and Hina (Kanjani8). I was a bit sad when I first read the translation ne… But at that time, I really felt that Takizawa is really sugoi ne!! ^^

Download MU / MF (88.07MB)

[Update 12 Aug 2010]
Pls note that there is a translation error. About the drinking thing, Aiba was actually saying that he felt he himself was rude to Takki back then (not that Takki was rude to him), and now he feels apologetic about it. I’ll try to re-do this subs IF I have the time… I’m sorry about that.

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