[Subs] [Clip] SCP 20060820 Takki Interview – Part 1

First post on my brand new notebook! Yay~ I finally got this baby yesterday, on Labour Day *lol*. Carted 小滝 back from Funan. Ribi was there to witness his “birth” lol (btw, she has posted up the dame Myojo scans and the absolutely cute Minisute clip!! Go download~!) Anyway, the point is, because I was out the whole of yesterday, I didn’t have time to post this until today. So… honto ni gomenasai~

This is my first attempt at subbing, so please pardon my inexperience. Subbing is quite tedious, have to time it to nanosecond perfection~ and when two of them speak at the same time, it gets chotto confusing lol~ But I love this clip too much to mind, so I can say that I had fun subbing it!

Translation is by Ryther, rest by me. Please do not repost this clip anywhere else :)


This is Part 1 of SCP where Takki talked about his junior days, how he became the leader, the hardships he went through, the rivalry between the Jrs, etc. There were also chibi footages, and VTR comments from Aiba (Arashi) and Hina (Kanjani8). I was a bit sad when I first read the translation ne… But at that time, I really felt that Takizawa is really sugoi ne!! ^^

Download MU / MF (88.07MB)

[Update 12 Aug 2010]
Pls note that there is a translation error. About the drinking thing, Aiba was actually saying that he felt he himself was rude to Takki back then (not that Takki was rude to him), and now he feels apologetic about it. I’ll try to re-do this subs IF I have the time… I’m sorry about that.

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  1. Otsukaaareeeee-rice!

    Now, my 小翼 can play with your 小滝 !!! *lol*

  2. mich~

    u got ur 小滝 iine~ ^^
    [iwant one too my com is dying slowly -_-“]
    anyway i will d/l this when i can ne thank youuu

    [this would probably my last time?? nani? ]
    [i think i will know when i get to watch ^^


  3. yay!! michelle’s first subbing attempt! looks good from the screen caps! colour coded and all~

    Do you mind if i ask you what program you use to do the subbing? I want to try subbing some clips too! but nothing quite as long as this JUST yet…translating is taihen already =.=

    can you send me an email when you have the time? Thanks so much! so sorry to keep bothering you about wordpress and now this…(btw, i’m probably not gonna worry about the layout and other minor details of my blog too much…because i want to start blogging yo!~ that’s the most important part desho! XD)

  4. He is a boy with strong mind and will, he always does.

  5. ribi, we should both bring 小翼 & 小滝 out one day to meet! ahhhh…. shigoto zenzen dekinai!!!!

    youchan, go get a notebook. using an antique pc can really make me vomit blood! hahaha…

    ah, skammie, will send u an email abt it :)

    nikki~ *nods in agreement* he’s really very strong mentally, and is always positive about things, something i have yet to fully learn to be…

  6. Thanks, I’ll be downloading this too!

  7. you’re welcome, tongari! ^_^ hope it’s watchable and timing is ok…

    i feel like eating curry rice…

  8. Thank you sooo much for subbing this! Wonderful to be able to understand what he’s talking about in this… to get to know his thoughts. Can’t wait for pt2!

  9. leaping lucas says: Reply

    Fantastic job. Can’t wait for the next part.

    You really have to admire Takki for his application and determination. I mean, I knew he works harder than just about anybody else and is determined to succeed at anything he does, and everyone knows he was the junior’s “leader”, but I didn’t know there was such unrest from his peers behind the scenes, or that the pressure made him want to toss it all in at one time. That must have been a big reason behind not wanting to go it alone as a solo artist when he seemed groomed to be the Johnny’s first lone Superstar.

    I do notice sometimes that he seems to have the weight of the world on his shoulders, and that sometimes he kind of looks, as my friend describes it, “alone in a crowd.” Maybe it’s a legacy from that time. And then the light goes back on and he’s back to being tuned in and genki. Yamapi gets the same look sometimes.

    Anyway, great interview and great subbing.

  10. otsu michie-san!! [can i caLL you that?!]

    iLL be Looking forward for more^_^

  11. hi luinlote, hope u’re doing well… haven’t really spoken to you since kuricon ^_^

    yo~~ karin-chan, i’m still waiting for the translation for the 2nd part… so i’m only halfway done on that…

    leaping lucas, i feel the same.. u put everything very nicely into words.. exactly what i feel.. i do believe that his strength is a result of his experiences during the junior days. and i sometimes feel that he’s lonely, tats why he has so many friends.. and ya, i do believe that there’s a reason behind not wanting to debut as a solo artiste.

  12. Hi Mich!
    I’m from http://www.hotakky.com, I have viewed your sub. It’s so great.
    I want to made a Vietnamese Sub for Tackey’s Vietnamese fan, so I need your raw and softsub, hope you to accept.
    Thank so much!
    Waiting your reply.

  13. Hi~
    Thank you so much for subbing this.
    I am mostly a Tsubasa fan, but I must say that Takki is amazing.
    He works really hard and is like a big brother to all his Jrs.
    He is really hard working and deserves the status that he has today.
    Thanks again^^

  14. ^^ Thank you so much Michelle for subbing this SCP
    I really love how strong and determined he is, what an amazing guy ne ^^ It’s ton of pressure on him, being forced to be mature with all those responsibilities at a very young age, but he impressively made it through.

    I always feel that sometimes there’s loneliness hiding behind those bright smiles of his. That might be the reason why he treasures the Unit so much ne :)

  15. Thank you for subbing this! I watched the Tsubasa SCP a few ago and was wondering if Takki had appeared on the show, and here it is. Yay! :)

  16. ah nice ^^ you did a great job with subbing this ^^ i don’t remember if i had problems in understanding this but i’ll check your translation too ^^

  17. Hi i’m new here thanks for subbing this i didn’t know tackey appeared on this show before ^^
    just wondering can u upload the file to mediafire or divshare? megaupload doesn’t work for me T_T

  18. i’ve been looking for this clips for ages!
    thank u soooo much for subbing this!

  19. Hello! Thanks for subbing this! It was very interestingly!
    Can I translate this interview into russian and post translation in my LJ for russian community?

  20. Thanks a lot for your hard work.

  21. Thank you!

  22. thanks for this!

  23. If it’s not obvious yet, I’m taking Takki’s SCPs. xDD Since I don’t want to spam at all parts, I’ll just make do at Part 1 for each. Thanks a lot for your effort!! ^0^

  24. whoa I really want to see this SCP Takki inteview, if it’s not too trouble you, would you mind upload this with mediafire please? I have problem download the first and second part because megaupload, my connection couldn’t reach megaupload T_T.
    I’m so sorry to bother you, thank you so much for your amazing job ^^

  25. tenshitakarai~ i’ve added the MF links to both parts 1 & 2 :)

    i wanted to redo this subs some time as there’s a translation error which i only knew about few years later. it’s about the drinking thing, and aiba was actually saying that he felt he himself was rude (not takki)~ un, please take note when u’re watching it. and i’ll try to re-do this if i have time…

  26. Thanks for sharing!! :D
    Tackey is too mature *-*

  27. Hi! Just saying thanks for sharing this… I love watching SCP… XD

  28. I am glad I found this website.
    Thank you for this one. :)

  29. Is there any way to get this again? ;___; I always wanted to see his SCP interviews but the links here are down for such a long time now … anyone how could please please reupload them?

  30. steppandgoo says: Reply

    Someone please re-up SCP 2006.08.20 part 1 & part 2. None of the links work.

  31. steppandgoo says: Reply

    and part 3. Sorry

  32. Would it be possible to reupload this video too?
    I’m sorry, since Tackey is our new president of Johnny’s Island, I’ve recently wanted to learn more about him so I’m searching for whatever I can find.
    He seems really interesting so far, and very sweet ^_^ So I’m hoping I can watch more videos of him. So if it would be possible to reupload these links, onegaishimasu~!

  33. Hello thankyou so much for translating this. I just find takki and find he is so wonderfull and want to learn more about him. but the link is dead T_T will you reupload it sometimes?

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