T&T @ Waratte Iitomo 2006.11.19

OMG~~ This video is too cute!!! Wahahahahahahahahaaaaaa~~~ I downloaded this from CB this afternoon and edited out only the unaired portion, where T&T teached everyone the Venus and Ho! Summer moves! During the Ho! Summer teaching, as the hand moves had to be done in all 4 directions, Takki told everyone to face to the left, so all of them turned to the left. But once they did that, many of them were in front of T&T and can’t see the instructions LOL~~~ It’s so funny! Everyone laughed, and poor Takki couldn’t stop laughing too!! He looked like he was going to burst out anytime! His ^^ eyes!! LOL~ And he fanned himself again… rush of blood to the head? wahahahahaaa~ so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Download here @ SS (142MB)