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Takki @ Waratte Iitomo 2009.01.09

Yay~ HQ version for keeps :)

Takizawa Hideaki on Waratte Iitomo Telephone Shocking

File size: 103.02MB
DL (MU): 001 | 002 or (MF): 001 | 002

[Subs] Waratte Iitomo 2005.12.19

This one has been on the “Upcoming list” for a long long time. Finally it’s completed! ^o^ Hope you enjoy the clip xD Please do not re-upload/re-post this clip without permission, but do feel free to direct people over to this post. Thank you! ^^

Waratte Iitomo, 19th December 2005
Guest: Takizawa Hideaki
Subtitles: English
Duration: 13mins 18s
Edit & QC: nyanco
Translation, timing & etc: mich

About this clip: Takki was called on as guest for the “Telephone Shocking” corner by his friend Kuroyanagi Tetsuko-san (the guest on this corner will introduce a friend to come on the show the next day). He talks about T&T’s latest single “Venus”, filming of “Yoshitsune”, among others. Then he goes on to introduce his friend to come on as guest for the next day.


DL (576×432, 113.12MB) *updated 1 Feb, 2015

Takki received loads of flowers that day, from his Yoshitsune co-stars, Avex, various magazines, etc. There was also one from Watari Tetsuya-san, whom he’ll be co-starring with in the upcoming “Kokuchisezu” ^^;

Takki SP @ Waratte Iitomo 2007.08.12

KKYYYAAAAAAAA~~~~~~ Sorry, this is really delayed-response fufufu~ coz I didn’t manage to watch the clip until last night! Yappari looking at ^^ Takki makes me feel shiawase~~ *beems*! His white skin, always-smiling face really really reminds me of a 白馬王子 xD~

Basically he was asked to fulfill requests of the other people on the show. My favourite was the concert ending speech he was asked to give… which he FINALLY said “AISHITERU YO” ♥ ♥ ♥ (though he was embarassed after that lol~~~) The monomane he did of Tsubasa was quite cute too – “Imai Tsubasa desu” *lol* Ahhh~ and Takki as Hanikami Prince! Takki: *turns around* hai~ *bursts out laughing*~*falls to the floor* @-@

Okay, enough with the talk. Screen caps douzo…


You guys already got the video for this desho?~ :)
Download here (229.87MB)

This morning, my dad found a radio channel here which has an hour of Japanese (i think) – FM 96.3. They were playing some Japanese song, and the female DJ spoke in Japanese. I was trying so hard to catch what she was saying (and failed badly lol~). And all I caught was “8.38am” and “catchy melody” LOL~ Gosh, why do they speak so fast????

Takki @ Waratte Iitomo 2007.08.08

Takki was a special guest at Waratte Iitomo yesterday. And Bonnie was sooooo right, he NEVER stops smiling! It seems like every single shot of him, he was smiling (*lol* even when he was wrestling with the security hahahaha)!! He looks whiter than usual, erm, I mean fairer… Though I prefer him tanned, he does look more like a “Prince Charming” when he’s white hehehe~~

1st segment:

Some Hanikami Prince competition? The contestants (3 of them) appear topless *if only Takki was one of them bwahahahaha*. Actually I thought the 2nd one was cuter haha.. But a bit too tanned gwa~ Anyway, Takki appeared behind the curtains, as though he’s one of the contestants…


*Takki revealed from the curtains*

Takki said he’s from Tokyo. Takizawa Hideaki desu. (as though he’s one of the contestants gwa)~~ Everyone was like kyaing. They made Takki move to the front, and Tamori-san started fanning Takki. The 2 guys behind Takki starting fanning him as well *lol* Then one of the guys suddenly grabbed Takki and hugged him! Hahaha…


Camera-san kept showing Takki so it was good hehe~ I dunno why, but I have a feeling that the girlfriend of the 1st contestant kept looking at Takki hehehe~

Download this segment here (141.44MB)

2nd segment.

Song competition. Everyone’s supposed to guess the artist/album. Takki got it wrong (like last time) and was brought backstage by the security guard. Lol~ That security guard pulled Takki by his shirt!!


Mich: [H-mode] *sees Takki’s singlet* KYAAAAA~ Pull it higher up yo! More! More! Pull it OFF la!

Then when the artist came out and was singing their song, Takki was backstage trying to force his way back to the studio. He even hit the security-san on the head *hahahahahaha*. Then he stepped back, and tried to run and bash his way through the security *lol*


Then finally, when the song ended, Takki was already on the floor, and rubbed his eyes (crying~ hahahaha), and the lady patted his head… KAWAII~~~~


Download this segment here (190.44MB)

3rd segment.

This segment is like the previous time T&T went on the show. This time it was another guy and girl who acted out the answers of the 5 guys. At the start, the 5 contestants fell onto the floor and one of them were stroking Takki’s legs *lol*


Download this segment here (96.23MB)

T&T @ Waratte Iitomo 2006.04.18

Finally have time to watch all the clips that I downloaded over the past week… properly lol~ Tackey & Tsubasa were on Waratte Iitomo midweek. The tussling with the security part was so funny, and the pink curtain part was so so cute~ the audience and female guests were going “kawaiiiiii~~~~” And it doesn’t help that Takki looked absolutely gorgeous in that black cardigan thingie ^^ And I can go on and on about his hair, so you don’t want me to get started lol


The guests had to make a guess about some 1983 hit song. T&T were only babies at that time, so it’s not surprising that they gave the wrong answer! Since they guessed wrongly, they were chased backstage by security. While the guest was singing, Takki & Tsubasa (and 2 others who got the wrong answers as well) tried to get back into the studio. They were tussling and shoving the security guys!! HILARIOUS! At one point, Security-san unknowingly lifted up a bit of Takki’s shirt lol~ Then finally, when the song ended, they showed T&T sitting on the floor. Apparently they gave up and were tired lol. The other guy was lying sprawled on the floor, and Takki patted him on the back haha~~~


Then, the pink curtain part. T&T were behind this curtain. There were 5 scenarios or questions thingie that were set by 5 guys, and T&T had to sort of answer with their actions – things that will make girls on the street go dokidoki. After every question, the curtain opens and T&T will do their stuff. The things they said can even make a guy (like Tamori-san) go dokidoki lol~ When they finished their ‘answers’, they were just hoping for the curtains to close faster hahaha…


At the end of the program, they advertised their new single. At least there wasn’t any Oasis around this time to steal their show lol~~ I’ve extracted the pink curtain part. If you’re interested, download it here (47.00MB).

And I finally received HMV’s email at 1.06pm today. The CDs will be shipped in the “next collection”, which means Monday right since they do not work during the weekends? So *counts* it’ll take another 1 or 2 days to reach… It’s really late this time, dame deshou!

In any case, the bombardment of TV clips continue! I’ll post about Mezamashi next, but first, I shall be a good girl and study for tomorrow’s Jap class. Ja ne :o)

[Edit:] I’ve also extracted the part where T&T were chased backstage and tussling around with the security-sans. You can download it here (28.86MB) if you want :)

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