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Takirev’10: Day 6 (Shinjuku – Odaiba)

Sorry, I’m going back to January again this year, as I have to complete that trip log before starting on the most recent one. But dun worry, I’ll continue to work on the Takizawa Kabuki goods and show reports in the meantime…


Japan Trip (Mar 28~April 4 2009)

Not much of other stuff to write about, since I went to Japan mainly for Enbujo. But I’ve decided to have just this one post to put up some of the pictures I took during the trip. Of course, I think I’ll still post my report on Enbujo’09 (soon~), even if nobody wants to read it anymore lol.


Takirev’09 – Day 4 (Hiroshima)

22nd January

We took the shinkansen to Hiroshima, and on the journey there, we had oishii gyoza :) I had onigiri too, and I remember taking pics for Azuki while she did “the chopsticks thing” :D



Takirev’09 – Day 3 (Kyoto)

21st January

We met Nyanco at Osaka station, and took the JR Osaka Loop service to Kyoto station. By then, it was lunch time. And Nyanco’s mom made bento for us! ^^ It’s the first time eating homemade food in Japan and it was oishii~ :D

Lunch brought by Nyanco


Takirev’09 – Day 2 (Osaka)

20th January

We met Nyanco outside Shin-Kabukiza, and there was the famous kabuki actor’s banner on the building. It looks grand ne~ I was thinking, maybe one day Enbujo can be staged here, and Takki’s onnagata face can be put up instead? Wahahaha… Just some random thoughts. Anyway, today we’ll be visiting some of the places that Takki visited during 8jida J (1998.06.24) and the Dream Boy special in Osaka (2004.04.24).

Shin Kabuki Za Osaka


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