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[Report] Tackey Summer Concert 2010 – Goods

There is always an additional sense of excitement – when attending the very first show of any concert or butai – of seeing the real goods for the first time, without previews. Last year, it was the Takiranger uchiwa that caught our eyes. This year, it’s Poster B. As we were walking up the stairs to the super hot goods booth, that was the first thing we saw! haha~ And then we were laughing at some of the photos right in front of the booth (the staff and security were looking at us lol).

  • Pamphlet (2,000yen)

It’s BLUE! We expected pink haha~ but let’s start with the cover. It’s matt and made of hard board! The quality of the paper used for the inner pages are good, thick.


Takirev’10: Day 5 (Harajuku)


I decided to continue writing about the trip first, before going back to the shows reports coz god knows how long I’ll take to get Act 2 up, and then there’s still Jinsei Kakumei report lol.


[Scans] Korette Shinsen desu ne Vol. 72~77

Finally scanned these 6 volumes of the Tokyo Walker essay :) Think I’ve mentioned before, that the paper quality is really good and thick now, but somehow the scans always turn out looking “furry” lol~

Takizawa Hideaki - Tokyo Walker Volume 72 Takizawa Hideaki - Tokyo Walker Volume 73 Takizawa Hideaki - Tokyo Walker Volume 74
Takizawa Hideaki - Tokyo Walker Volume 75 Takizawa Hideaki - Tokyo Walker Volume 76 Takizawa Hideaki - Tokyo Walker Volume 77

I really love these recent issues ne. Takki looks cute rolling the dough~ and his expression trying on the souchou costume is ♥ ~ The one directly below it too!

滝沢連合 第370章

Souchou finally updated Takiren!!!!

Takizawa Rengou Vol. 370

27 Oct

GYAAA. It’s been too long
Solocon has ended ne
Ah, that was quite some time ago already huh
Ah, Orthros no Inu has ended ne
You know it already
I’ll update again

So much sweat LOL~~~
Thanks for the text, nyanco!

滝様コンサート’09 パンフ Part 4

Here’s the final part of the translations for Takisama Concert’09 pamphlet! Enjoy~

Message to FAN

I think from now on, I want to take the time to continue fulfilling the requests of many people. I have a lot of gratitude towards the fans who have always supported me. Especially after I did the taiga drama Yoshitsune, I’m happy that people of all ages have been coming to see my stage plays. Because it is really an honor to be requested by people of various ages. I think that from now on, I want to take the time to continue fulfilling the requests of many people. I want all of my fans to (continue to) watch over me, over a long span of time. Sometimes, it might seem like I’m doing some crazy things (laughs), but I definitely would never do something without having a plan for it, and there will always be some sort of meaning behind it. So from now on, if I do something that surprises everyone, I’d be happy if everyone could accept it and anticipate the activities that follow.


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