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[Scans] Tackey Times Vol. 3

Here’s Vol. 3 of Takki’s essay “Tackey Times” from Oct 2011 issue of FRaU magazine.
My guess was right… he did go to Cambodia for this :)

tackeytimes-03-1.jpg tackeytimes-03-2.jpg

I really love this issue, the photo is really really kakkoii~

[Scans] Tackey Times Vol. 1 & 2

“Tackey Times” is the name of Takki’s column or essay in the monthy FRaU magazine, starting from the August 2011 issue. In each volume, he will write about a certain theme, and so far, the images of both volumes have been monochrome, which I find really kakkoii! It’s a pity there are only 2 pages each (and the mag costs $17 lol~).

Vol. 1  – 1930s America

tackeytimes-01-2.jpg tackeytimes-01-1.jpg

Vol. 2 – Summer in Japan

tackeytimes-02-2.jpg tackeytimes-02-1.jpg

When I first saw Vol. 1, my immediate reaction was… *shocked* LOL… But when I saw Vol. 2, it was KYAAA~~ Tono looks so good in yukata, and I’m not sure if it’s the way his hair was styled, or the angle of his face, or the way he walked, or his bare feet… or all of the above lol, but that pic of him walking down the streets is chou kakkoii!

[Scans] Anecan 08/2011

Sweet~~ especially that guitar pic ♥
I love seeing Tono with pretty ladies hehe~

anecan201108-01.jpg anecan201108-02.jpg anecan201108-03.jpg anecan201108-04.jpg anecan201108-05.jpg

[Scans] Eye-Ai 08/2011

I received this magazine rather promptly from CDJapan earlier this week, scanned it on the day itself, but only had time to post it today lol. Here’s the August issue of Eye-Ai! Takki is on the cover, and the entire article is in English :)

Center Stage: Takizawa Hideaki, Fascinating and Multi-Dimensional

eye-ai201108-01.jpg eye-ai201108-02.jpg eye-ai201108-03.jpg eye-ai201108-04.jpg eye-ai201108-05.jpg eye-ai201108-06.jpg
eye-ai201108-07.jpg eye-ai201108-08.jpg eye-ai201108-09.jpg eye-ai201108-10.jpg eye-ai201108-11.jpg eye-ai201108-12.jpg

There are 12 pages here, including the cover and content page. I left out the 2 pages of Japanese translation text at the end of the magazine. On top of that, there are many nice pictures used in the article albeit monochrome ones. I love that pic of Takki painting his face white!

[Scans] FRaU 07/2011

It’s been a crazy week at office… had to make a major decision on something. Not sure if I made the right choice or not but I guess I’ll not know until I try. Anyway, I met up with hoshi last week for dinner! And we went to Kino to collect this magazine below~ I scanned it but didn’t have the time to post until now. Gomen…

frau201107-02.jpg frau201107-01.jpg frau201107-03.jpg

I love that first scan up there!!! Although it’s so red, he looks sooo good! XDDDD

Wow, that piece of branded shirt is expensive ne! Ah, best news is, from the next issue onwards, Takki will have his own essay series! Guess I’ll have to part with 17 bucks for a page (or two) every month! lol~

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