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[Scans] Eye-Ai 08/2011

I received this magazine rather promptly from CDJapan earlier this week, scanned it on the day itself, but only had time to post it today lol. Here’s the August issue of Eye-Ai! Takki is on the cover, and the entire article is in English :)

Center Stage: Takizawa Hideaki, Fascinating and Multi-Dimensional

eye-ai201108-01.jpg eye-ai201108-02.jpg eye-ai201108-03.jpg eye-ai201108-04.jpg eye-ai201108-05.jpg eye-ai201108-06.jpg
eye-ai201108-07.jpg eye-ai201108-08.jpg eye-ai201108-09.jpg eye-ai201108-10.jpg eye-ai201108-11.jpg eye-ai201108-12.jpg

There are 12 pages here, including the cover and content page. I left out the 2 pages of Japanese translation text at the end of the magazine. On top of that, there are many nice pictures used in the article albeit monochrome ones. I love that pic of Takki painting his face white!

[Scans] Look at Star 07/2011

Received this from Amazon last week and scanned it immediately but somehow didn’t have time to edit & post until now. There are 6 (and a half) pages of Takizawa Kabuki stage report (senshuuraku and children’s day show report included as well! that dressing room scene~~ haha~~), and there’s a small notice on Takizawa Kakumei DVD – a pity it’s not colored.

lookatstar1107-07.jpg lookatstar1107-01.jpg lookatstar1107-02.jpg lookatstar1107-03.jpg lookatstar1107-04.jpg lookatstar1107-05.jpg lookatstar1107-06.jpg lookatstar1107-08.jpg

Switching to Kakumei mode now! 3 more days only~~~XD

[Scans] Myojo 11/2001

Here are scans from Myojo Nov 2001. This was when Takki was about to film “Antique”~
That spiky hairstyle looked really cute on him :)

myojo200111-01.jpg myojo200111-02.jpg myojo200111-03.jpg myojo200111-04.jpg myojo200111-05.jpg myojo200111-06.jpg myojo200111-07.jpg

Takizawa Kabuki 2011 ended safely last night. Otsukaresama deshita~ ☆
During the curtain call, Takki said that Takizawa Kabuki will be staged again next year Spring. There’s still no news on what he’ll be doing next, but I hope he’ll have a good rest first. And of course, I hope there’ll be a drama.

Takizawa Kabuki Children’s Day Shows

There were WS this morning but I forgot to wake up to watch!! *cries* I heard from S-san who attended the children’s day shows this year, that it’s more fun than last year’s. And I think Takki sang “Hanaka”! mitai~~~ I hope someone is willing to share the video somewhere…


[Scans] Only Star 5/2 & Best Stage 06/2011

Ori-suta 5/2 issue, 2011
Kyaa~ love his smile during the press conference!


Best Stage June 2011
6 pages of stage report and 1 page of press conference. Kyaa~ that smile again during the presscon! And that bottom right pic of the 2nd scan below ^^~ they managed to capture that moment ne… Un, I love Akechi, Benkei and Okita! And for act 2 (last 2 scans), that shot of Masakado sitting there before his death was really well-taken ^^

beststage201106-kabuki01.jpg beststage201106-kabuki02.jpg beststage201106-kabuki03.jpg beststage201106-kabuki04.jpg beststage201106-kabuki05.jpg beststage201106-kabuki06.jpg beststage201106-kabuki07.jpg

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