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Takirev’10: Day 3 (Tokyo Disney Sea)


The plan was to wake up early, leave the hotel by 9am and reach DisneySea early to battle with the crowd. But we were so tired from the day before, that we just couldn’t get out of bed early… We ended up leaving the hotel about 3 hours later *汗*

We had brunch in the nearby Matsuya (which my Dad felt had one of the nicest food of the journey~). I’m not sure what he ordered but I think it was some beef slices with rice and salad… I ordered my usual Bibin Don, and what I like about Matsuya is… the free Oolong tea keke~ This was my lunch, and although I couldn’t finish it, it was still delicious :)



[Scans] Korette Shinsen desu ne Vol. 79

In this issue, Takki visits the “MLB cafe Tokyo” in Ebisu. He’s awed by the 360deg. screens in the cafe, which show baseball matches highlights and stuff. I love the way he eats the hamburger hahaha~


Sorry I can’t get rid of the furriness…

[Scans] Korette Shinsen desu ne Vol. 78

Bought a 3-in-1 canon scanner-printer-copier on Monday night, and spent the past 2 nights clearing the table mess, and setting up the printer lol. This is the first thing I scanned… the color was really bright at first but I’ve dimmed it lol


Sorry I can’t fix the furry-ness…

[Scans] Korette Shinsen desu ne Vol. 72~77

Finally scanned these 6 volumes of the Tokyo Walker essay :) Think I’ve mentioned before, that the paper quality is really good and thick now, but somehow the scans always turn out looking “furry” lol~

Takizawa Hideaki - Tokyo Walker Volume 72 Takizawa Hideaki - Tokyo Walker Volume 73 Takizawa Hideaki - Tokyo Walker Volume 74
Takizawa Hideaki - Tokyo Walker Volume 75 Takizawa Hideaki - Tokyo Walker Volume 76 Takizawa Hideaki - Tokyo Walker Volume 77

I really love these recent issues ne. Takki looks cute rolling the dough~ and his expression trying on the souchou costume is ♥ ~ The one directly below it too!

Tokyo Walker report

This is the eyewitness report for the Tokyo Walker that was released today.

July 24th, 2009

Good evening, this is sono

Today, I have big news

Today at 2 pm, Takizawa Hideaki-san of Johnny’s
came to the +m MARUNOUCHI studio
It was a photo shoot for a magazine.

Takki and I had a one-on-one lesson and made hand-made pasta.
I felt dokidoki (nervous), but the lesson with Takki was really fun.
Sono fully enjoyed it and is (feeling like) a lucky person.


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