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滝沢連合 第386章

Takki updated Takiren after the final Osaka show.

Takizawa Rengou Vol. 386

Otsukarechan ^^
The concerts have started! This time, I’m certainly doing many things (sweat) Takizawa Hideaki is breaking down (sweat) (sweat) (sweat) (sweat) (sweat) (sweat) (sweat) Osaka has also ended safely. Next up is Nagoya (fist) In any case, as it’ll be a rage, yoroshiku ^^

Taki CHANNEL will also start soon! Please check every week (fist)

Iya~ It was fun

Sorry for the rushed translation. Thanks, nyanco & marie!

滝沢連合 第385章

Yay~ Takki updated! Short but sweet :D

Takizawa Rengou Vol. 385

14 July

I’ve cut it. (links to photo of a ball of hair)

He finally went to the hair salon to get his hair cut! I was afraid he’d have long and straight hair for the con lol… Can’t wait to see his new hairstyle!

[Translation] Potato 08/2010 – Takki’s A to Z

I thought this was really interesting hehe~ The A-Z part was originally translated by Marie. Thank you! Although I won’t be able to post scans until I receive the clippings, you can get them at the forum, courtesy of nyanco.

Takki’s Solo Concert Tour starting at the end of July has been decided. While enjoying a short cruise, he told us a lot, about keywords that he associates with (each alphabet), from “A to Z”. We’ll see the latest news from Takki, such as his work, private life, and favorite things.  =This is a must-read!

A — A.B.C-Z
I met them yesterday. They said they were rehearsing “Playzone 2010”. Guys, do your best!

B — BUTAI (Stage Production)
Since “Takizawa Kabuki” ended, I’ve been kind of  living a life of NEET (Not in Employment, Education, or Training) now (laughs). Sometimes I’ll see the doctor for my injury. I try not to move around much. It’s been only a month, but I already feel like it (the butai) is a memory.

C — Concert
I’ll hold solo concerts from the end of July! I’ll go to Osaka, Nagoya, and Yokohama in a month. I am thinking of breaking with the existing concept of concerts. I’d like to do a lot of (unpredictable) things.


Takizawa Denpajou 2010.06.05

This part is from the Opening where Takki talked about producing his older sister’s wedding. Translated by nyanco, and edited by mich :)

Recently, Takizawa Kabuki ended, and usually after that, I would go on a trip abroad… but I’d like to tell you today about what I was doing.

So, after the final show, I honestly wanted to go, but one day, I received a call from my sister asking me to plan her wedding. That was so sudden!


滝沢連合 第384章

Takki updated Takiren yesterday, after Senshuuraku! Thanks so much to Nyanco for the text, and for helping me in the translations too! XD

Takizawa Rengou Vol. 384

08 May

Takizawa Kabuki senshuuraku was welcomed without mishaps To everyone who has connections to this production, and to the fans who have lent their support, thank you very much This time, what I’ve felt from my first time direction is, a director creates a total world, but the cast and audience create the rest naturally I’m truly grateful that it can finish safely and with good feelings Thank you. In fact, from around February until today, there were document cameras around everyday The making footage is expected to be recorded on DVD too, so please look forward to it. Well then, Director Takizawa’s work hasn’t ended yet From now on, it’s the direction of “job well done” party I have been preparing it for days It has been hectic since Kakumei, so I would like to take it easy and enjoy.




Haru no odori wa, yo~iya




Did you say it properly?

Saaa!!! Yatta! Making of DVD!!! I’m definitely looking forward to it! Really need to start saving money! hehe~ although it might be a long wait till release date XD

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