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Oricon Ranking: 滝沢歌舞伎 DVD (Days 7~ 14, Week 2)

Takizawa Kabuki DVD (Release date: 9/22)

Music DVD rank

Day 7 (9/27): #8
Day 8 (9/28): #16
Day 9 (9/29): #13
Day 10 (9/30): #16
Day 11 (10/1): #20
Day 12 (10/2): #16
Day 13 (10/3): –
Day 14 (10/4): #17

Week 2
Rank: #19
Sales: 1,310

Total sales: 18,295

[Review] Takizawa Kabuki DVDs

I’ve been so overwhelmed with work… to the point that I thought I might just collapse in office lol. But fortunately, the weekend is here! After posting this, I’ll be off to bed hehe :)

On 9/22, I called DHL to reschedule delivery in the evening and the time slot they gave me was 7-10pm. If the guy had come at 10pm, I think I wouldn’t sleep that night. Fortunately he arrived at about 8.30pm, and I immediately started my Takizawa Kabuki DVD marathon :D


Oricon Ranking: 滝沢歌舞伎 DVD (Week 1)

Yatta! Takizawa Kabuki DVD is #1! 1位おめでとう~!★


The sales figure is 16,985. And fyi, the rank in the overall (composite) chart is #2 :)

Oricon Ranking: 滝沢歌舞伎 DVD (Days 3 ~ 6)

Takizawa Kabuki DVD (Release date: 9/22)
Music DVD rank
Day 3 (9/23): #2
Day 4 (9/24): #3
Day 5 (9/25): #4
Day 6 (9/26): #8

It has plunged since day 1, but I guess we can’t expect much since there wasn’t any promo on TV, apart from that few seconds at the end of TFP2.

Oricon Ranking: 滝沢歌舞伎 DVD (Day 2)

Takizawa Kabuki DVD (Release date: 9/22)
Day 2 (9/22)
Music DVD chart: #1
Overall DVD chart: #4

A drop to 4th on the overall charts. I just hope that he can retain the top spot in the music chart at the end of the week. As you all know, the most important is actually the weekly rank.

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