Takizawa Solocon Schedule!!

Takki updated Takizawa Rengou Vol. 520 today, and he announced the dates and venues of the solo concert tour himself!!! 総長、ありがとう!♥ July 26 (18:30): National Yoyogi First Gymnasium July 27 (18:30): National Yoyogi First Gymnasium August 4 (18:30): Sapporo Shimin Hall August 12 (16:00): Olympus Hall Hachioji (President Takizawa's Hometown) August 19 (16:00): Osaka Jo … Continue reading Takizawa Solocon Schedule!!

Takki Tidbits

Minna-san, genki desu ka? Sorry we've been MIA recently. There's been barely any solo news and there's still no solocon dates from Tono... THUDS. Raise your hand if you're also getting impatient! Now, with that same hand, please give Tono a tiny virtual whack for being so evil XD As soon as the dates come … Continue reading Takki Tidbits

Takki Tidbits

The final Takizawa Kabuki show at Nissay theatre has just ended!! Congratulations to Tono, Jrs and all the staff who've been working nonstop these past few months. Hontoni otsukaresama deshita!! Hopefully, Tono can now get some rest... perhaps treat himself to a nice vacation before the..... oh yes, did I mention that at the end … Continue reading Takki Tidbits

滝CHANnel #73

Part 2 of Takizawa Kabuki Behind-the-Scenes - continuation from #72 - is up! This time, it shows the happenings on Opening Day. Watching this brings back memories of that show on 8 April... Head over to http://takichan-j.jp/ :) LOVE that first screenie~~ that dimple! Iya, that "SO~RE~" thing was quite funny lol. The chibi Jrs are … Continue reading 滝CHANnel #73

Takki Tidbits

Here are some tidbits about the opening "family show" of Takizawa Kabuki on May 1, 2012. ** spoiler alert ** One of the very first things everyone noticed as they entered Nissay was the special "family version" decoration in the lobby (Picture from Twitter). The staff at the entrance passed out little flags to everyone … Continue reading Takki Tidbits