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Takki Tidbits

Minna-san, genki desu ka?

Sorry we’ve been MIA recently. There’s been barely any solo news and there’s still no solocon dates from Tono… THUDS. Raise your hand if you’re also getting impatient! Now, with that same hand, please give Tono a tiny virtual whack for being so evil XD

As soon as the dates come out, we’ll be sure to report about it. But in the meanwhile, we’ll just have to keep ourselves entertained with tidbits like the one below… enjoy~


Takki Tidbits

The final Takizawa Kabuki show at Nissay theatre has just ended!! Congratulations to Tono, Jrs and all the staff who’ve been working nonstop these past few months. Hontoni otsukaresama deshita!!

Hopefully, Tono can now get some rest… perhaps treat himself to a nice vacation before the….. oh yes, did I mention that at the end of senshuraku, it was announced that Takki will be having a NATIONAL SOLO CONCERT TOUR THIS AUGUST?!?!

KYAAAAAAAA~~~!!! Nothing has been decided yet, but just knowing that there will be a summer solo concert gave us happy fangirl goosebumps! Tono once mentioned that he wants to hold a concert in Hachioji, so hopefully, Taki-sama and Kami-sama can both make that happen this summer! Otanoshimi ni!!

滝CHANnel #73

Part 2 of Takizawa Kabuki Behind-the-Scenes – continuation from #72 – is up! This time, it shows the happenings on Opening Day. Watching this brings back memories of that show on 8 April…

Head over to :)

LOVE that first screenie~~ that dimple! Iya, that “SO~RE~” thing was quite funny lol. The chibi Jrs are cute ne~ And I like the Kansai Jrs! Thank you, Kiriyama-kun :)

Takki Tidbits

Here are some tidbits about the opening “family show” of Takizawa Kabuki on May 1, 2012.

** spoiler alert **

  • One of the very first things everyone noticed as they entered Nissay was the special “family version” decoration in the lobby (Picture from Twitter).
  • The staff at the entrance passed out little flags to everyone who entered the venue (Picture from Twitter).
  • As for the goods, here are pictures of the kinchaku (small pouch) and the keitai cleaner. Today, the goods were completely sold out within 30 minutes after the venue doors were opened.
  • There were lots of cameras inside but don’t know if it’s for WS or for the DVD.


Johnnys Shop & Takizawa Kabuki photos

1) There are new shop photos released today (28 April), at least 15 of them, as reported on J-web and J-net. These are Takki solo pictures, of Takizawa Kabuki pamphlet and goods offshots! Can’t wait to see them!

2) Thanks to Kat for helping me get them, I’ve received my Takizawa Kabuki stage photosets #1 ~ 5 (4 in a set, so a total of 20 photos). Here’s how they look like~

Personally I was really happy to see them coz… there’re only 2 Masakado-sama out of 20!! Haha, gomen ne, Masakado-sama… but yappari I prefer to see Act 1 Takki :)

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