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Re-uploads 2015: Batch #3

Today I’ve re-uploaded some subs from the Koi Uta era. [Subs] [Clip] Move “Ikemen Juku” 2008.06.02 [Subs] [Clip] MechaIke 2008.05.31 [Subs] [Clip] Mezamashi Doyoubi 2008.06.07 [Subs] [Clip] Osama no Brunch 2008.06.07 [Subs] Utaban 2008.06.05 [Subs] [Clips] Waratte Iitomo Zoukangou SP 2008.06.08 [Subs] [Clip] Music Fair 21 (Talk) 2008.06.07 And another subbed clip from Ho! Summer era. [Subs] Channel-a 2006.08.21

Re-uploads 2015: Batch #2

Today I’ve re-uploaded the complete drama of Taiyou wa Shizumanai that we subbed about 2 years back. [Subs] [Drama] Taiyou wa Shizumanai Episode 01 [Subs] [Drama] Taiyou wa Shizumanai Episode 02 [Subs] [Drama] Taiyou wa Shizumanai Episode 03 [Subs] [Drama] Taiyou wa Shizumanai Episode 04 [Subs] [Drama] Taiyou wa Shizumanai Episode 05 [Subs] [Drama] Taiyou wa Shizumanai Episode 06 [Subs] [Drama] Taiyou wa Shizumanai Episode 07 [Subs] [Drama] Taiyou wa Shizumanai...

Re-uploads 2015: Batch #1

Konbanwa! I know that many of the links on this site have been broken for the longest time. As we start off 2015, I’m planning to re-upload as many files as I can find – in batches, starting off with the subbed ones. [Subs] Zubari Clip – Takki visits Hosoki’s house! [Subs] Takizawa SP Project @ SC 2007.05.13 [Subs] Takizawa SP Project @ SC 2007.06.10 [Subs] Takizawa SP Project @ SC 2007.09.02 [Subs] Takizawa...

DVD & BD Release – 19 Sept, 2014: Nezumi, Edo wo Hashiru DVD Box & Blu-Ray Box

One more date to mark – 19th September 2014!

This time it’s Amazake-ya a.k.a. Nezumi Kozou-sama. Nezumi, Edo wo Hashiru will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray boxsets. Details as follows:

nezumidvdDVD Box
No. of discs 5: (9 episodes + bonus footage)
List price: 19,000yen (excl. tax)
Buy @ CDJapanAmazon (21% off)

Blu-Ray Box
No. of discs 5: (9 episodes + bonus footage)
List price: 23,500yen (excl. tax)
Buy @ CDJapan | Amazon (21% off)

At this moment, we still aren’t sure what kind of bonus footage there is. But I guess there’ll be the usual behind-the-scenes / making like in Yukinojo Henge and Yoshitsune DVDs (since it’s the same director/producer?).

Takizawa Kabuki 2014 DVD Release Date: 16 July

If you missed my FB post this morning, 16 July 2014 is the date! It’s been a while since we had a 3-version release, but I’m so glad there’s a DVD! The play was really good this year, and of course it’s special cos it was held outside Tokyo for the first time.

kabukiATakizawa Kabuki 2014 First Press Limited
“Documentary Edition” (Jacket A)

List Price: 9,720 yen (tax inclusive)
3 Discs, Two-fold Box, Digipack
Disc 1: Act 1 (approx. 75 mins)
Disc 2: Act 2 “Yoshitsune” (approx. 90 mins)
Disc 3: Takizawa Kabuki Document 2014
3 months of behind-the-scenes from the rehearsals in Fukuoka to the final show in Tokyo
Buy @ CDJapan | Amazon (23% off) | Tackey Shop*

Takizawa Kabuki 2014 First Press Limited
“Photobook Edition” (Jacket B)

List Price: 8,100 yen (tax inclusive)
2 Discs, Two-fold Box, Digipack
Disc 1: Act 1 (approx. 75 mins)
Disc 2: Act 2 “Yoshitsune” (approx. 90 mins)
52-pages photo book
Buy @ CDJapan | Amazon (23% off) | Tackey Shop*

kabukiCTakizawa Kabuki 2014 Regular Edition (Jacket C)

List Price: 6,480 yen (tax inclusive)
Disc 1: Act 1 (approx. 75 mins)
Disc 2: Act 2 “Yoshitsune” (approx. 90 mins)
Buy @ CDJapan | Amazon (21% off) | Tackey Shop*

*If you purchase either “Documentary Edition” or “Photobook Edition” from Tackey Shop, you will receive a free gift of an ‘original travel case’, different designs, one for each edition.

It’s hard to choose between A & B. I love behind-the-scenes, and Takizawa Kabuki documentaries have been the awesomest ever! Plus they are usually over 100mins. So it’s a MUST BUY, although the cover is my least favourite. “Photobook Edition” has the best cover (hadaka taiko!Takki~~) and there’s a 52p booklet. Imagine, a stage photo costs 500yen. This photobook might just be worth 26,000yen lol. Okay, Jacket C. Nice cover too, simple and pretty. But no bonuses, so C can be easily given up.

Then there’s the Tackey shop goodies. “Original travel cases” are perhaps those where you can slot in your passports? I know it’s weird to say this, but I kinda hope they don’t look so nice, so that I won’t be tempted! Cos the discount at Amazon is too hard to resist! 23% is really quite a substantial amount. Well, it’s headache time for us again, but my advice is… if ‘die-die’ can only choose one version, please go for A!

Update: Avex has gotten the Jackets A & B mixed up. In fact, the nice cover (hadaka taiko!Takki~~) is Jacket A Documentary Edition! Their initial post showed the wrong covers lol.

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