Takizawa Kabuki 2015 Goods List

Pamphlet: 2,200yen Poster (2 types - Takki, group): 900yen Clearfile (4 types - Takki, Kitayama, Yabu, Takki+Kitayama+Yabu): 600yen Original photoset (4 types - Takki A, Takki B, Yabu, Kitayama): 800yen Sensu (folding fan): 2,000yen Ohashi (chopsticks): 1,600yen Tenugui (hand towel): 1,200yen Mini tote bag: 1,200yen

Re-uploads 2015: Batch #6

Found some of these in my old CD-roms this afternoon... This batch includes the Making of Yukinojo Henge, the drama Kokoro no Tobira (24hr TV in 1998), and the pre-show clips of 24hr TV in 2007. Making Of Yukinojo Henge 2008.01.03 「心の扉」24時間テレビドラマSP 1998 24時間テレビ SP 2007.08.04 Papa Takki…. 24時間テレビ Moku SP 2007.08.16 24時間テレビ The Wide 2007.08.17 … Continue reading Re-uploads 2015: Batch #6

“Takizawa Kabuki” first overseas show to be staged in Singapore!

I'm still on a high from yesterday, and now after hearing him say "Shingapooru" so many times in the WS clips, I can hardly breathe normally hahahaha. Okay, here are bits and pieces of information gathered from various sources. Notes: 2015 is a special year as it's: Takizawa Kabuki's 10th Anniversary Shochiku's 120th Anniversary Singapore's 50th Birthday! Tokyo … Continue reading “Takizawa Kabuki” first overseas show to be staged in Singapore!