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Takki on cover of Best Stage 4/2013

I forgot to post about this one, but today is the release of Best Stage Apr 2013, and Takki is the cover boy! There’s also a pin-up and a feature on the upcoming Takizawa Enbujo 2013 (return to Shimbashi Enbujo theatre after 4 years).

best stage april 2013
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From these preview pics (from Y!A), there seem to be at least 8 pages :)

[Scans] FRaU March 2012

My favourite mag of recent times! ^^ Actually collected this on 11th Feb, scanned it on 12th Feb… BUT forgot to post it until now! GOMEN! v_v

frau201203-01.jpg frau201203-02.jpg frau201203-03.jpg frau201203-04.jpg frau201203-05.jpg

frau201203-06.jpg frau201203-07.jpg frau201203-08.jpg frau201203-09.jpg frau201203-10.jpg

I wish there were more such cover features of Takki ne!! Nowadays, apart from stage mags, it’s hard to find him on the cover… so unless he has a drama or something… Kamisama, Johnny-sama, a Takki drama onegaishimasu!!! m(_ _)m

There are 2 pages of “Tackey Times” essay in this mag of course, but I’ll post them separately.

[Scans] Look at Star 05/2010

Another mag which I got in Japan ^^ Tono on the cover of Look at Star May issue. There was quite big feature on Takizawa Kabuki, including interviews of ABC-Z as well. I hope there’ll be a good stage report in the next issue!

las1005-01.jpg las1005-02.jpg las1005-03.jpg las1005-04.jpg
las1005-05.jpg las1005-06.jpg las1005-07.jpg

Takki looks good in this one ne~ he doesn’t look at tired as in Best Stage :)

[Update: Enshinge has all the articles here!]

[Scans] Best Stage 05/2010

May issue of Best Stage with Tono on the cover. Comes with a pin-up poster (2nd scan)! Sorry I can’t join them together properly… too much effort to photoshop, so I left it as that. Best Stage is great. They always give Tono so many pages ^^

beststage1005-01.jpg beststage1005-02.jpg beststage1005-03.jpg beststage1005-04.jpg beststage1005-05.jpg
beststage1005-06.jpg beststage1005-07.jpg beststage1005-08.jpg beststage1005-09.jpg beststage1005-10.jpg

I think my favourite is the 7th scan, somehow that pose and angle~~ And I like the 4th one too. Takki deep in thought… I find it very attractive hehe~

[Scans] Shuukan Asahi 4/16, 2010

Collected this mag from Kino on Friday as well. There’s only 1 page inside, but Tono is on the cover, so definitely have to get! I think he looks good in here.

shukanasahi100416-1.jpg shukanasahi100416-2.jpg

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