[Raw] Orthros no Inu Ep.01

Orthros no Inu Episode 1

704×396, 611.84MB
MU: Complete
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9 thoughts on “[Raw] Orthros no Inu Ep.01

  1. ashleytsui says:

    It has a nice start with the typical takki narration :)
    Love the tensions and sharp turnings in the plot development.
    Thanks mich for the multiple dl choices. I grabbed the first one.

  2. rasharyan says:

    hiii thank u so much for the EP1..OMG~~!!Q0Q takki so SCARY
    oohhh@o@wow i freak out when he just show sudden Q[]Qahhh~
    lol he cute and evil with god hand @,@wow he play his roll good but i was wondering why ryo roll is not tsubasa who play it*O* it will be soo greattttt drama T&T togther evil&good i wish he was tsu good guy with evil hand lol but i love it still^v^.
    ah but no Subs yet?? Y^Y i wanna know what they say means i just guess what they saying lol..~_~;
    i wish mich u will subed it for us soon??pleaseeeee*hopes* thanks xxbye

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