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Orthros no Inu Episode 8

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» Orthros no Inu Episode 8 English Subs

My thoughts (contains SPOILERS):

OMG!!!!!! Liar liar, pants on fire!!! When he looked at his hand, I knew he was going to do that! And right after he did it, I received an SMS from Irene! Then straight after the show, I checked Facebook and saw Azuki’s message on 嘘つき-san! hehehe…

He only lied to protect himself rite, but yappari, he’s a smart person ne! hehe~ And he probably left his wounds as they are too, so that the pain can remind him that he’s alive… like he told Chiharu in the prison. Anyway, here are some reasons why I love this episode so much, more than the other eps so far…

  1. There’s alot of Ryuzaki!! ^^
  2. Ryuzaki’s love for Sensei is so touching… Even after he promised he’ll not use his power in front of him, he went back on his words (and might get into trouble with that new law!) just so that he can save his life.
  3. Ryuzaki x Nagisa in prison reflecting back on their first meeting~kyaaaa~ the entire prison scene was so dokidoki… Ryuzaki in white sleeveless top!
  4. That creepy big-eyed woman trying to seduce Ryuzaki… and failed bwahahaha…. but her hand was over his chikubi yo!! LOL!
  5. Ryuzaki & Aoi talking outside sensei’s house…
  6. Biceps!!!!
  7. Hadaka Abs!!!

Ok, actually 6 and 7 are just bonuses XD

Ryuzaki… kawaisou… after 18 yrs, finally able to meet his dad, but his dad wanted to die with him. Yet that’s the most ‘fatherly’ thing that he’s ever done. Sad case… Ryuzaki said that if the two brothers were together back then, things might have been different. Like what his grandfather said, that perhaps it’s only when it’s the 2 of them together – holding both the power to ‘heal’ and to ‘kill’ – that it’s truly “God’s hand”.

And that Sawamura is so irritating, really feel like slapping him! But his last words of the epi are soooo scary… “Know what happened to the Orthros dog in the end? It died… killed by Hercules.” So, Hercules = Sawamura, and he’ll kill them both next week? I hope Kumakiri is thinking of something clever, I don’t want them to die! >.<

Somehow this 75mins seemed to pass so fast… and before I knew it, it was the end…. Right after it ended, I was feeling… so sad… coz it means there’s only 1 more episode of Wan Wan left… Too short!!!!!! Sigh…

7 Replies to “[Raw] Orthros no Inu Ep.08”

  1. He is invincible but the problem is Sawamura’s assistant saw the whole scene. So he is not indestructable anymore. The only person can kill him is probably Aoi…I watched the Osama no brunch and I am pretty sad at the moment…Kicking myself for watching the stupid SPOILER
    I think he knows Sawamura sends Nagisa to test him that’s why the prison’s scene is so sad…He would not lead anybody close to him in case they get hurt. So the only solution of him in the end of the drama is to….I think every guessed it already

  2. It seems that the ending will be very sad…

  3. OMG OMG OMG, 1-7 TOTALLY AGREE!!! But even now, I’ve not understood Ryuzaki’s objective. That kind of solution can’t be his aim, otherwise why is he prolonging it?

    OMG best part ever was him fighting to keep Aoi safe in the church. ^_^ I love them both so much, kyaaaa!

  4. awwwy this is such a good drama yet… its goin to end soon. Can’t wait for subs to come out !!! :DD

  5. 同じ気持ち!hahaha… haha.. big liar! XDD but there’s alot of doki doki moments in this episode! XDD love it! esp with Ryo n Asami! XDD

    so sad it’s ending next wk rite? be prepare to standby tissues when u watch k?

  6. So sad in the end really ?
    Looking for the final episode.

  7. i already watched ep.8 and i understood 1 %, just i know that it was a sad episode…please i need subs.

    when are you going to upload subs?

    pd: i felt envy because that creepy eyes woman, friend of Sawamura touched ´´Ryuzaki´´’s chest.

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