[HQ] Ojamap 2012.08.29 & 2012.09.05

Omatase shimashita~ This is the Ojamap “Wedding Party Surprise” special!

I never thought I’d say this about Takki’s face but… uwahhh KIMOCHI WARUI NA!!! HAHAHA!!

As requested by the bride’s mother (and with the help of the groom), the Ojamap team was on a mission to create a series of surprises for the bride, Miku-chan, during the couple’s wedding celebration. As part of the surprise, they also had to disguise themselves as banquet staff and try to blend into the party without getting recognized. Takki was dressed as an ayashii event photographer by the name of “Satou” and his mission was to take a picture of one of the female guests in order to add her photo into their surprise music video.

But it was so funny because one of the guests actually laughed through her nose when she saw Satou-san’s dasai appearance as he approached their table. When Takki got back from the mission, he said he was quite shocked because it’s not the kind of reaction he usually gets from women!! LOL!

Iyaaa~ this Satou-san could very well be Takki’s secret “alter ego” or perhaps this is what he would look like if he had never entered Johnny’s, got rejected by his crush in secondary school, failed his college entrance exams and became a salaryman!! buahahahaha! But for some odd reason, that kimochi warui face makes us love him even more? XD

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy!

(NOTE : Thank you everyone for being patient~ We’ve replaced the previous two videos with something that’s higher in quality. Of course, the higher the quality, the bigger the file size. But it’s clear enough that you can even see Takki’s pores! hahaha~ So feel free to download if you don’t mind the size.)

2012.08.29 Part 1 : MF (10 parts, 1.95 GB total, mp4 format)
2012.09.05 Part 2 : MF (9 parts, 1.77 GB total, mp4 format)

Video credit goes to TTTHX! Arigatou!

9 thoughts on “[HQ] Ojamap 2012.08.29 & 2012.09.05

  1. Ibleda says:

    If no one mentioned, I would never have noticed that’s Takki…

    Why do I feel like there’s a lil bit more to both parts though? o.O

    • bon-chan says:

      @ Ibleda
      Oh yes, we noticed this too. It’s my mistake for not double-checking but we’re trying to fix the problem now. You guys will most likely need to re-download the files and rejoin after we fix it. We will let you guys know when it’s been fixed.

  2. Kitty says:

    haha.. good disguise… i probably won’t think that’s tono even if he’s in front of me… i’ll probably go to him and say.. “wow u’re an ugly version of tono”.. hahahahaa~

    BUT truth is since he is, looking at this disguised man, like u said.. “that kimochi warui face makes us love him even more” ♥♥♥

  3. bon-chan says:

    Hi everyone~ We’re currently reuploading Ojamap. There was something wrong with the previous files so we’ve deleted and replaced them. The new videos are much higher in quality, but they’re also much bigger in file size. For those of you who don’t mind the size, please feel free to download ^^ And for those of you who downloaded the previous files, we’re really sorry for the inconveniece.

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