Tackey @ Music Station 2009.05.08

Takki was the 2nd guest to perform tonight. He talked about the body painting for the jackets~ LOL he was actually lying down while the paint went across his chikubi… for 2 hrs hahaha… He also sang the first verse live. And there were so many backdancers!

Music Station Takki Shalala

Oh, he looked so serious at the end! (0-0)

DL: MU or MF (72.15MB)

5 thoughts on “Tackey @ Music Station 2009.05.08

  1. clauds says:

    waaahh finally XD ive been waiting i totally forgot it was friday today XD then when i looked at the clock i suddenly remembered it was MS day today … but it was already 8pm XD … anyways tnx for sharing XD

  2. glenda says:

    Oops! I grabbed this earlier & forgot to post. But I only now watched it :) Thanks for uploading. I thought he got a haircut? It looks like he still has that itty-bitty ponytail.

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