Tackey @ Music Station 2009.05.15

WOW~ SO MANY DANCERS!!! The last chorus kinda gave me the Enbujo’09 version feel hehe~ and I definitely prefer Takki without the hat! ^^ Too bad, there was no talk at all v___v; But there was a lot of Eiji & his sensei on Mini-sute! XDD Makes me wanna take out my Antique DVD to watch again…

Takizawa Hideaki on Music Station Shalala

Forgot to mention… I was drooling at Tono’s biceps during mini-sute :)

1) 348×260, avi, 1min 53s
– Mini music station (mini-sute)
Download from MU or MF (16.68MB)

2) 704×396, avi, 3min 55s

– Opening, Shalala, Ending (missing mini-sute)
Download from MU or MF (82.41MB)

13 thoughts on “Tackey @ Music Station 2009.05.15

  1. cat says:

    Ah…so happy to see Takki and Nao together. Just like you, I wanna pull out my Antique now..They both look so lovely…
    My heart, ah…recently, can’t take more.

  2. nic2mit says:

    OMG!!!!!!!! I JUST finished watching Antique last night! Loved that drama. Takki acting dumb yet so innocent and genuine. Loved it. So funny.

  3. zoe says:

    OMG!really too many dancers!it is nearly hard to find takki in the last shot……..
    i like him without hat as well
    the suit just suit him and kakoii~i thought he may perform mugenohene ,but anyway it is good to see him~looking forward to his drama~
    thx for sharing

  4. simone says:

    I noticed the biceps too…he looked good in that vest. This was fun and enjoyable.

    I prefer him hatless as well, can see his face better!

    I only wish he would perform Mugen no Hane on one of these shows. I was a little disappointed that the Dvd only showed him recording it. If only they had filmed that part of Enbujou…I thought it was great!

  5. hoshi says:

    Thank you for all the clips.

    Although I really like the pv, I was also hoping he will perform more mugen no hane on this promo rush. oh well…

    Yeah, when I watched this, I got distracted… by the biceps.. Lol.

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