Tackey @ Music Station 2009.05.15

WOW~ SO MANY DANCERS!!! The last chorus kinda gave me the Enbujo’09 version feel hehe~ and I definitely prefer Takki without the hat! ^^ Too bad, there was no talk at all v___v; But there was a lot of Eiji & his sensei on Mini-sute! XDD Makes me wanna take out my Antique DVD to watch again…

Takizawa Hideaki on Music Station Shalala

Forgot to mention… I was drooling at Tono’s biceps during mini-sute :)

1) 348×260, avi, 1min 53s
– Mini music station (mini-sute)
Download from MU or MF (16.68MB)

2) 704×396, avi, 3min 55s

– Opening, Shalala, Ending (missing mini-sute)
Download from MU or MF (82.41MB)

13 Responses to “Tackey @ Music Station 2009.05.15”

  1. cat says:

    Ah…so happy to see Takki and Nao together. Just like you, I wanna pull out my Antique now..They both look so lovely…
    My heart, ah…recently, can’t take more.

  2. clauds says:

    uuwwaaaahhh soo happy and soo agree with u takki with HAT is soo LOVE XDXD

  3. wendy says:

    his voice~need to be protected~TAT

  4. nic2mit says:

    OMG!!!!!!!! I JUST finished watching Antique last night! Loved that drama. Takki acting dumb yet so innocent and genuine. Loved it. So funny.

  5. zoe says:

    OMG!really too many dancers!it is nearly hard to find takki in the last shot……..
    i like him without hat as well
    the suit just suit him and kakoii~i thought he may perform mugenohene ,but anyway it is good to see him~looking forward to his drama~
    thx for sharing

  6. enshinge says:

    Ooh yay! Thank you! I came wandering looking for this performance ^^
    I saw the Recomen from last week was put up too, it’s ayanami05 (spelling XD!) and also, I’m not sure this is appropriate, but I’ve put up notes for that Recomen because I’m a regular Recomen follower ^^ (http://enshinge.livejournal.com/236202.html#cutid2)

  7. michelle says:

    enshinge~ ah, thanks for the correction! i’ve edited my recomen post and added a link over to your notes too. thanks for translating!! XDD

  8. simone says:

    I noticed the biceps too…he looked good in that vest. This was fun and enjoyable.

    I prefer him hatless as well, can see his face better!

    I only wish he would perform Mugen no Hane on one of these shows. I was a little disappointed that the Dvd only showed him recording it. If only they had filmed that part of Enbujou…I thought it was great!

  9. michelle says:

    me too, i wish he’d perform mugen no hane! i wanna see the enbujo’09 version too! the dance was chou kakkoii~

  10. Reiko says:

    Thanks for the clips.

  11. hoshi says:

    Thank you for all the clips.

    Although I really like the pv, I was also hoping he will perform more mugen no hane on this promo rush. oh well…

    Yeah, when I watched this, I got distracted… by the biceps.. Lol.

  12. koalabear says:

    his arm is so strong!!@_@
    i want to be his back dancer! kakaka….

  13. tezuka_eiri says:

    thank you for sharing the files.

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