T&T @ Music Station 2007.08.10

WOW!!! SUGEEEE!!!! What an ~ interesting ~ episode!!! Am I not supposed to spoil it too?? Some of us have guessed it right, as to what’s so “special” about this appearance ne. Tsubasa in Osaka, Takki in Tokyo. Go figure! ^_^ But the way it was presented is really really cool!! This is my favourite SAMURAI performance so far (out of…2?). The very first scene already looked so cool! And the first few lines were sang *live* ^^ The background, VTR, backdancers, everything was really really cool! and HOT too!! Ya, Takki looks HOT!!!!!!!! Those delicious looking biceps ~*@@*~


Download here (98.29MB)

Am I the only one who feels that Takki’s eyes looked a bit wet/red at the end & he looks chotto unhappy?

10 thoughts on “T&T @ Music Station 2007.08.10

  1. Bonnie says:

    iya, i thought so too!! he wasnt as genki as he usually is ne. the corner of his right eye was a little…wet? i saw a sparkle XD maybe he was just tired? itchy eyes? lol

  2. michelle says:

    kiwi~~ me too! i was trying to spot her but too many ppl haha.. looking at the stage just reminds me of enbujou *lovesick*

    bonnie~~ lol~ maybe he was tired, or suddenly feeling unwell during the perf lol~ ok, i’ll quit being so over-sensitive bwahahaha…

  3. you says:

    thank you mich~
    there were like 3 tsubie*O* lol
    and he even walk out from the big screen
    *pachi pachi to whoever did the CG*
    and takki with ten arms *LOL*

    ps i even try looking 4 ling but *whacks me* i dont know what she looks like *baka me haha

  4. love says:

    i notice that too! i do feel like “what’s wrong with him?” or “i wish i could comfort him..” haha.. LOL.. he looked really good previously, then he turned like that coz he just stood there waiting for the song to end.

  5. zaqea says:

    Thank you so much for uploading this! :D I love their performances, and looking from the screencaps they look so cool~~!! Not that they don’t usually, but style-wise I think Tsubasa may have something to do with it ne?? ^__^ Arigatou gozaimasu~~

  6. Reiko says:

    R u able to reupld these vid clips elsewhere besides MU, onegai shimasu? The unviversity library for some odd reason, has blocked everyone from upl/dg-dl/g on MU now. *grunts*mad-as-hell* Don’t know why but…all comps cannot d/l from here anymore. Sorry to be such a pain but, this will be the only way I can d/l any of your links anymore. *sigh*cries*

    Thank you so much, Mich. ^_^ Let me know your thoughts.

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