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Takizawa Hideaki @ Shounen Club 2011.07.01

KYAAAA!!! Finally he appeared on TV, and he looked so kakkoiiiiii! ^-^ I really love his body shape, so slim and perfect! The talk part was funny, when Takki said he knows the Jrs call him “Takki” behind his back~ and especially when Takki said to Chinen, “Finally you talked!” lol… When the intro of Kareha no Kage played, I ‘kyaa’ out lol~

Takki cut – talk + solo medley
MF (128.43mb, 8min 24s, 720×480)

Credit: shokura@LJ

Takizawa Hideaki @ Shounen Club 2011.07.01

7 thoughts on “Takizawa Hideaki @ Shounen Club 2011.07.01

  1. I agree with katya_alex! Takki looks so good. I noticed his hair is darker, and the shade is actually rather becoming.

    Mich, thanks so much for making this available. It really is lovely to see and hear this medley [with some of my favorites].

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