[Clips] T&T @ Utaban 2007.04.19

Firstly, X~Dame performance. Takitsuba wore exactly the same suit as in the PV. Actually I think I’d prefer if they sang Crazy Rainbow instead of Dame. But this was quite funny also, coz… of Tsubasa’s hair!! Wahahahahaha~~~~


Download here (183.37MB)

Then, the talk. So cute, couldn’t stop grinning and laughing lol~~~ Nakai was funny!


And at one point, Nakai cracked a joke about some big ear thingie, and Takki started laughing *kawaiiiii* feel like pinching the boy~~ Hahahaha…


Download here (59.60MB)

Not sure if my file is the complete one… Have to wait for the other download to finish before I can tell. Seems like a fun episode but chotto short ne. And I want my bed ne…

11 thoughts on “[Clips] T&T @ Utaban 2007.04.19

  1. Reiko says:

    OMG sis…this was sooo funny & yet kawaii at the same time. lol :p LOVE Takki’s new hair nowadays too!! *melts* Sorry I hadn’t commented lately on all these vid clips you’ve been putting up lately. Hadn’t had the chance to d/l stuff so, finally…thanks to Glenda (can’t thank U enuff)…she’ll b helping me d/l stuff onto a cd disc 4 me. (all the new stuff ever since R&J…lol)

    Yeah, I STILL haven’t been able to get most of my stuff off the memory sticks. (even tho I’ve been madly trying to continue to do so) LOL

    But Takki laughing all the while Tsu was getting his ear cleaned was so cute! =D

  2. michelle says:

    yo! i’m quite awake now, although i only slept a few hours lol~ dunno how i managed that! must be the T&TPOWA hahahaha…. ya i thot that laughter was super cute so i captured quite a lot of it lol~ crazy me.. my hand juz couldn’t stop pressing the ‘capture’ button!!! i even caught a lot of tsu’s laughter hahahahaha, that boy was so cute too…..

  3. you says:

    so many thing going on
    but it a happy exhaustion ^O^” T&TPOWAAAA/// ^^
    takki is so so cute in everyshow
    i agree with reiko chan~ I LOVE THIS HAIR SO MUCH
    *melts too* haha

  4. ryther says:

    That lady was from Pin Pon-if you remember when Takitsuba had a clip for Pin Pon for their 2U4U promo and that lady was well- fawning over Tsubasa..and HE IS AFRAID OF THE SHE-MAN lol~ He pushed his chair away from she/he after her/his attempt to grab over at Tsubie jyan~ lol


    Sometimes I really wanna leave Japan and get back home and download all this stuff you posted like a mad fangirl-but I don’t want to leave Japan without savoring every moment of it- why does Japan hate MU? *cries* Everyone had been uploading it on MU and Cbox and I couldn’t use any of it….

    Ignore my rambles-I’m just emo-ing

  5. michelle says:

    yayayayayaya… “happy exhaustion” ^_^ aiya, i dunno wat to say already hah…. i juz want to rewatch it again tonight!! my eyes were about to close when i watched it last night (i mean, this morning)… T&T wa saikou!!!

  6. michelle says:

    helly~~ *hugs* hahaha.. ya, i saw he pushed his chair away from she/he and towards takki after she/he tried to touch his arm! hahahahaha… ah, i guess MU is the best when it comes to uploading ne… do you need me to upload it somewhere else? which place work for you? YSI?

    and i think there MIGHT be one more file for the talk segment, coz i juz checked CB and saw it there. can only download it when i get home tonight…

  7. shiyun_sherlyn says:

    Although i watched the programme here in japan..but juz not enough juz feel like watching it over again…everytime will juz come to this site to see abt takki stuff n of coz upload some stuffs…sch in japan makes me so busy but no matters how busy i will still keep track of takki latest news..haha..

  8. Yoko C. says:

    I’m not sure what your policy is on re-uploading, but do you think that you could reload any of the Utaban clips if you have time?

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